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Aviso Dashboard
About Aviso
About Aviso
About Aviso

The AI-Guided Revenue Operating System

Aviso natively unifies workflows of modern revenue teams, from deal collaboration to pipeline inspection, conversational and activity intelligence, and predictive forecasting into one workspace.


Billion Insights


Pipeline Managed


Won Deals



business goal

Aviso targets and operates in B2B services, where they need flexible and easy customization. The business ask is to simplify the process of.

Search and Locate data
Needful & Helpful Insights
Reports & Analytics
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Our stake holders

A sales representative is a primary stakeholder and the user who interacts with the platform on a day-to-day basis. Other stakeholder are.

  • Sales Leaders
  • Finance Leaders
  • Sales Managers
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project goal

The main goals of the project

  • To strategize the design process and introduce short sprint methods to solve & generate the right user experience.
  • To work closely with the Product, Data, and Tech team to bring out more valuable experience.
f1's role

the team f1

F1 Role
f1's role

the team f1

  • We all started work in a pod system. We worked across multiple pods to balance the work and understand the whole ecosystem.
  • Activity & Relationship Intelligence, Conversational Intelligence, User Coaching, etc. are some of the pods that our team has worked around.
  • The tasks/features/experience we worked on were generally 1 to 2-week sprint setups and based on the requirement used to change.
  • In recent times, the team played a key role in Rethinking the User Experience and Re-designing the platform.
Initial Thought Process

our thought process

The fundamental goal was to identify the pain points of a sales representative and other stakeholders by interviewing them. Also, to collaborate & understand parts of the current platform and the flow of different functionalities.

What problems we actually solved by this exercise?


There are 2 problems statement we focused on

  • Better accesibility the components in the platform
  • At most amount of data visibility that should not be compromised at any level.
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What we did

Recommended platform structure...

What We Did
What we did

Recommended platform structure...

The platform have 5 major components Filters, Views, Groups, Grid & Side panes.

  • Filters here play an important role to find the right data at the point in time. These are also used to create a view set that can be saved and used in the future if needed same set of filters to be applied. The user is also allowed to set a View as the default. In the current platform, Filters are not directly visible to users which creates confusion.
  • Groups are formed based on a set of filters which is executed on the grid in a form of a query for example Find XYZ from column A where row N holds the value 10.
  • Side Pane are for AI Insights and Details that are generated or fetched from CRM. This is to help the user make the right decision in the real world.

We decided to set the placements of the Filters, Views, Groups, Grids & Side Pane across the platform. So, choose to start with the high-impact page in the platform which is the Deals Grid View page.

What We Did Dashboard
Grid System
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UI Mockups

Visual design - Main Deliverables

Aviso Dashboard


A right mix of graphical and tabular summary of the performance of sales team. Which provide information the managers and respresentative understant the health of their business.


Overall changes shown with respect to an individual

Cards Boards

Non-editable tabular representation of data from the CRM's

Aviso Deals


An heavily loaded grid with designed to help users to view the right set of deals from different CRM's based on the selected Filters & Groups in a tabular form.


User interface that clearly shows the procedural way of filtering data

Groups Grids

With visibility and accessibility in mind designed the grid to accomodate maximum data in the space

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Deal card - Relationship

Deal card holds all the information with respect to the perticular deal. Displaying information like Details, History, Relationships & Collaborations rooms.

Left Hand Side

LHS pane is used for Cards, Contacts & Name of participants in collaboration room

Deal Card Relationship
Right Hand Side

Schedule & access meetings, and provide actionable insight from different parts of applications


For graphical representations, Data points, Insights, Chat boxes

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Deals Side panes

Side panes of varied sizes base on the usage and placement in the application

Deals Side Panes

RHS Panes are loaded with different data points and graphs, to omit endless scrolling and ease of data accessebility accordions are use



Forecasting can be done from a higher level like team to a individual level, where one can select as specific result and view all the related deal data. And so the dual table view was design that servers the purpose.

Nested Tables
Forecast Guide
Clickable Cell

Each cell in a column is clickable which leads to opening a side pade with relevant information

Deals Grid

Forecast Cards

Forecast side panes all the information & recommended actions to be taken with respect to higher gains and conversions. So the data here is put in form Info-cards & not Accordion unlike Deals.

Forecast Cards

The cards are designed to be static and collapsible


We collaborated to discover, identify, ideate & conceptualise to create the right experience and this will continue to design and deliver upcoming projects with AVISO.

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