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My journey of three months at f1studioz has been nothing short of a wholesome experience – both in terms of professional and personal life. It has been an exceptional learning curve for me, as a content writer and as an employee of a successful enterprise. So let me walk you through my wonderful experience at f1!

Application Process

While I was job-hunting during my internship break, I bumped into f1’s website. It was love at first sight. Never have I come across a website with such a loud and vocal interface, and the right mix of fun, information, and elegance. I applied immediately when I saw that they had an opening for a content writer. The response from HR was quick and welcoming.

As part of the selection process, she gave me an assignment – an extensive yet interesting one. The initial part of the assignment required me to identify where f1 is lacking in terms of its social media presence, and its affiliated content. The latter part required me to prepare social copies (job hiring posts) for various openings at f1. I was given three days to complete the task, and upon the successful acceptance of my assignment, I proceeded to the interview rounds.

The Interview Rounds

If I chose one word to describe f1’s interview process, it would be “thorough”. As I had initially applied for a full-time job, I had three personal interview rounds, with three different individuals holding three different executive roles in the company.

My first interview was with the Head of Marketing, Ms. Richa Singh wherein I was asked a mix of personal and technical questions. The second round was with none other than Mr. Santosh – the CEO of f1, and I was blown away by the humility and warmth that he carried in our interaction. My final round of interviews with Mr. Dhayan, the Chief Designer of the company, was challenging yet extremely fun. Upon the completion of my interviews, I was provided with an opportunity for a three-month internship!

Work at f1

After a very warm induction process by the entire team at f1, I was introduced to the Marketing team comprising of the Marketing Head/Boss-who-loves-anime – Ms. Richa Singh, the graphic designer/partner-in-crime – Ms. Himadree and Mr. Dheeraj, the motion Graphic Artist/fellow-mallu.

After getting to know them, the team patiently described my role in the marketing team at f1.  After a couple of days of learning the ropes of the design ecosystem and the Teams environment, I got into my rhythm. With my team’s help and guidance, I prepared content for numerous social copies (posts/stories/reels/memes) that go on our social media page. I was also given the reins of handling the social media pages – uploading posts, stories, and reels on Instagram and Linkedin on a regular basis.

Another major task I was assigned to were various long-form writings viz. blogs, quora answers, and write-ups for SEO purposes. In pursuance of the same, I have written various blogs for f1studioz and assisted various f1 employees to write blogs on their area of expertise. I was also given the task of revamping the content for various landing pages of the company’s website.

I had my first taste of cross-team interactions when I was given the task of developing content for a CSAT survey assignment for the Projects team. Another assignment that was extremely rewarding was to prepare monthly newsletters for f1studioz with the latest developments in the field and those surrounding f1.

The most fun I had during this internship period was presenting a Monda session with Himadree, wherein we took the f1 team through the “importance of brand insights”. Presenting to the entire team of f1, on short notice, was slightly nerve-wracking, yet immensely fulfilling.

My Experience at f1

The entire team has given me creative freedom to venture into various styles of writing/presentation and has constantly motivated me to experiment with my content. And it goes without saying that they have been extremely appreciative of my work.

In my three months of this internship, the f1 ecosystem has been positive, cooperative, and refreshing. From what I have seen myself, no idea goes unappreciated and no good effort goes unnoticed.

I cannot thank my team enough for being accommodating of my college commitments, as I had been simultaneously attending my UG course in BBA LLB (Hons.) from Gujarat National Law University. Whenever I had important academic commitments or exams, my team head never hesitated to grant me leave.

I had no prior experience working in the design industry, but after three months at f1, I have acquired considerable knowledge about how this industry works, what the pain points are, and how content can help support a majorly B2B industry like UI/UX design.

All-in-all, interning at f1 has been an extremely rewarding and enriching experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, except for a full-time offer xD

Check the latest openings at f1studioz here.

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