Job Description
Role Summary: Common tasks, qualifications and special skills


  • li-arrowDemonstrate expert skill in and application of design principles (feature function allocation, metaphor, menu/object structure, windows usage, layout, style, information design)
  • li-arrowPossess expert understanding of UCD process
  • li-arrowDemonstrate advanced skill with and application of UI design tools
  • li-arrowPossess familiarity with usability evaluation methods, metrics, and data and how they are applied in the UCD process
  • li-arrowDemonstrate understanding of the software development process and how UCD integrates into it


  • li-arrowUnderstand systemic design issues at the information architecture and design language levels, where problems impact multiple product lines or divisions.
  • li-arrowDemonstrate detailed technical and business understanding of several product domains; considered an expert in some product line areas or business domains; familiarity with competitive products
  • li-arrowAssess industry trends and their impact on F1Studioz servicesand competitive advantages or disadvantages.
  • li-arrowCreate interaction prototypes, standards, style guide documents, and user model definitions across product lines, as well as architectural direction white papers


  • li-arrowKeep abreast of emerging UI technologies (e.g., languages, methods, standards) that have adoption or traction with F1Studioz competitors and assess the value added to F1Studioz to embrace or ignore those emerging area
  • li-arrowFollow through with design changes from usability efforts that span multiple projects.
  • li-arrowProvide UI guidance on complex and advanced topics to multiple projects
  • li-arrowLead UI design reviews at the cross-corporation architectural and planning level
  • li-arrowSupervise contractors and interns as necessary
  • li-arrowDemonstrate mature and responsible attitude to all aspects of assigned position
  • li-arrowExercise flexibility and adaptability towards achieving the overall objectives of the group/division


  • li-arrowPossess 4-5 years experience which is required, while 4-8 years work experience is preferred
  • li-arrowPossess B.A. or M.A. degree in Design, Human-Computer Interaction, or related field

Core Skills

  • li-arrowStrong problem solver with a great eye for aesthetics.
  • li-arrowAct as an end user advocate to help the customer to understand the value of end users to their business.
  • li-arrowAbility to work directly with customers to build ideas from scratch to MVP.
  • li-arrowAbility to challenge developers and thrive for pixel perfection.
  • li-arrowAbility to articulate design ideas, design solutions, problem statements to product stakeholders, customers and internal customers effectively both verbal and written.

Core Business Competencies


  • li-arrowAnalyze, design, develop for business or end user applications
  • li-arrowPerform testing and Communicate with Quality Assurance as necessary to discuss minor changes to product functionality and to ensure quality and consistency across specific products

Job Requirements

  • li-arrowPossess B.S. or M.S. degree or equivalent experience relevant to functional area
  • li-arrowPerform duties and tasks which are varied and complex requiring independent judgment
  • li-arrowDemonstrate fully competent in own area of expertise
  • li-arrowPerform project lead role and/or supervise lower-level personnel

Product Mastery

  • li-arrowDemonstrates a sound knowledge of F1Studioz total service offerings and can position benefits and value to customers
  • li-arrowClearly analyze key customer technical requirements
  • li-arrowConducts one-on-one discussions with key decision makers and determines the best approach to meet a customer's needs.

Technical/Professional Depth & Credibility

  • li-arrowDemonstrates a sound knowledge in a narrow (specialist) area
  • li-arrowSolves problems within own technical/professional area across a variety of generally related topics or in an area of specialization
  • li-arrowMaintains awareness of developments in relevant disciplines; quickly applies the knowledge; identifies resources for needed assistance.


  • li-arrowConveys information, thoughts, and opinions by writing or speaking in a persuasive manner appropriate to the audience
  • li-arrowListens carefully and attentively, and clarifies and confirms the understanding of others' messages
  • li-arrowDemonstrates an understanding of the implicit (emotional) message as well as the explicit message of any communication

Customer Focus

  • li-arrowBuilds customer confidence, is committed to increasing customer satisfaction, sets achievable customer expectations, assumes responsibility for solving customer problems, ensures commitments to customers are met, solicits opinions and ideas from customers, responds to internal customers.
  • li-arrowResponds proactively to the needs of customers. Ensures customer satisfaction by regularly measuring it.

Building Relationships

  • li-arrowFrequently initiates and pursues professional relationships
  • li-arrowWorks well with others in achieving goals and building productive relationships


  • li-arrowProvides feedback and coaching, rewards hard work and risk taking, takes mentoring roles, challenges and develops employees, accepts mistakes, provides visibility/opportunity.
  • li-arrowHelps in hiring to a greater extent.

Results Orientation

  • li-arrowDisplays strong tenacity and drive to see things through to successful conclusion
  • li-arrowDemonstrates a sense of urgency, a propensity for action, and confidence in the likely success of plans and initiatives
  • li-arrowDelivers results that meet or exceed expectations

Personal Drive

  • li-arrowPursues achievement of goals with energy and enthusiasm
  • li-arrowSeeks new experiences and challenges
  • li-arrowIs aware of personal strengths and weaknesses and seeks self-improvement
  • li-arrowRemains determined in the face of obstacles or pressure


  • li-arrowIdentifies opportunities and problems, proposes solutions. Successfully drives change. Is willing to raise tough issues. Tackles problems and takes independent action, seeks out new responsibilities, acts on opportunities, generates new ideas, practices self-development.
  • li-arrowHow have you improved the team, product & company? Needs to be well thought out.

Adapting to Change

  • li-arrowSupports change, and encourages others to respond positively to change
  • li-arrowDemonstrates flexibility in working with a variety of working styles, new situations, and team members

Culture Alignment

  • li-arrowAdhere to f1 core culture of simplicity, empathy and agility.