Job Description
Role Summary: Common tasks, qualifications and special skills


  • li-arrowPossess advanced skill in and application of design principles (feature function allocation, metaphor, menu/object structure, windows usage, layout, style, information design)
  • li-arrowDemonstrate advanced understanding of UCD process
  • li-arrowDemonstrate advanced skill with and application of UI design tools
  • li-arrowPossess familiarity with usability evaluation methods, metrics, and data and how they are applied in the UCD process
  • li-arrowDemonstrate detailed knowledge ofUI technology with ability to design new UI functionality


  • li-arrowCreate complex UI prototypes, UI models and/or UI standards for new or existing products for a product family
  • li-arrowWrite UI style guides, design direction white papers, and/or whole product UI specifications
  • li-arrowPropose, maintain and communicates design plan for project members
  • li-arrowContribute design solutions to usability reports and design solutions for problems that cross multiple usability activities
  • li-arrowPlan, conduct and/or supervise customer research activities (site visits, surveys, focus groups)
  • li-arrowLead product design review for compliance with UI standards
  • li-arrowEducate development, product management and strategy about UCD principles and deliverables
  • li-arrowPresent at industry conferences or contribute papers for professional publications


  • li-arrowServe as primary UI contact with product management, strategy and development on the design.
  • li-arrowLead cross-functional team meetings
  • li-arrowTrain junior staff
  • li-arrowSupervise interns as needed
  • li-arrowParticipate in hiring process
  • li-arrowReceive some coaching from UI architect or manager
  • li-arrowDemonstrate mature and responsible attitude to all aspects of assigned position
  • li-arrowExercise flexibility and adaptability towards achieving the overall objectives of the group


  • li-arrowPossess 7-12 years' experience which is required, while 8-15+ years' work experience is preferred
  • li-arrowDemonstrate success applying UCD in a corporate context
  • li-arrowPossess B.A. or M.A. degree in Design, Human-Computer Interaction, or related field

Core Business Competencies

Product Mastery

  • li-arrowDemonstrates a sound knowledge of F1Studioz total service offerings and can position benefits and value to customers
  • li-arrowMakes sure that key technical requirements are identified and thoroughly understood
  • li-arrowKeeps abreast of tools, methods, and techniques, thereby acting as an internal resource in a particular area of expertise/specialist knowledge


  • li-arrowExpresses and articulates key elements of ideas or concepts (both written and verbal) in a logical, descriptive, and comprehensible manner
  • li-arrowAnticipates reactions and responds appropriately
  • li-arrowProbes and listens for information from others, without interrupting or judging, in order to understand underlying issues

Building Relationships

  • li-arrowEstablishes strong and broad professional relationships
  • li-arrowEasily builds networks and rapport with diverse groups and collaborates cross-functionality

Results Orientation

  • li-arrowDisplays strong tenacity and drive to see things through to successful conclusion
  • li-arrowDemonstrates a sense of urgency, a propensity for action, and confidence in the likely success of plans and initiatives
  • li-arrowDelivers results that meet or exceed expectations

Personal Drive

  • li-arrowPursues achievement of goals with energy and enthusiasm
  • li-arrowSeeks new experiences and challenges
  • li-arrowIs aware of personal strengths and weaknesses and seeks self-improvement
  • li-arrowRemains determined in the face of obstacles or pressure

Adapting to Change

  • li-arrowSupports change, and encourages others to respond positively to change
  • li-arrowDemonstrates flexibility in working with a variety of working styles, new situations, and team members

Culture Alignment

  • li-arrowAct as an ambassador for the f1 brand. Help in culture embodiment and brand advocacy.