Job Description
Role Summary: Common tasks, qualifications and special skills


  • li-arrowManage group of UX experience professionals organized into sub-teams, within a large product or a product pillar
  • li-arrowDelegate direct technical leadership to IC principal level team leads
  • li-arrowMentor team leads
  • li-arrowAudit quality of team deliverables, through peer and management review processes
  • li-arrowReview designs for opportunities to integrate UI innovations and facilitates uptake with development teams

Team Building ( Design Culture)

  • li-arrowSet craft quality standards, with a deep understanding of the customer's goals, business requirements and constraints. Lead teams to develop insights, define and prioritize opportunity areas, and envision concepts. Lead teams to create meaningful customer/user feedback loops. Take ownership of Knowledge & Skill Management.
  • li-arrowResponsible for the development and career growth of the design team in collaboration with HR.
  • li-arrowResponsible for talent acquisition strategy & planning in collaboration with HR.


  • li-arrowPossess 12+ years' experience in development of user experiences for software products which is preferred
  • li-arrowPossess M.S. or Ph.D. degree in HCI, Psychology, CS, or Design which is preferred
  • li-arrowDemonstrate 3-5 a manager in UI Design or Usability, plus experience as an individual contributor and technical lead to product development of UX
  • li-arrowDemonstrate success and leadership in application of UCD process for suites of shipping products

Core Skills

  • li-arrowBuild relationships with customers while advising and supporting the F1 design team.
  • li-arrowYou will work across every stage of the project lifecycle to ensure that the concepts and design decisions are sensitive to both the needs of users and our customers' businesses.
  • li-arrowHelp in crafting approaches, writing proposals, and presenting to prospective customers.
  • li-arrowHelp in sales, hiring and building a strong design culture at f1.

Core Business Competencies


  • li-arrowSupports others' ongoing professional development.
  • li-arrowActs as a role model, encouraging continuous improvement.

Results Orientation

  • li-arrowDisplays strong tenacity and drive to see things through to successful conclusion
  • li-arrowDemonstrates a sense of urgency, a propensity for action, and confidence in the likely success of plans and initiatives
  • li-arrowDelivers results that meet or exceed expectations


  • li-arrowExpresses and articulates key elements of ideas or concepts (both written and verbal) in a logical, descriptive, and comprehensible manner
  • li-arrowAnticipates reactions and responds appropriately
  • li-arrowProbes and listens for information from others, without interrupting or judging, in order to understand underlying issues

Account Management

  • li-arrowEnsure that the projects you lead continue beyond their initial scopes, and identify additional opportunities within the customer's organization.
  • li-arrowLead teams to create meaningful customer/user feedback loops through build test & learn cycles Help in customer retention, upsell and growth.

Organizational Awareness

  • li-arrowDevelops effective working relationships with team members and peers to maximize personal effectiveness and achieve goals
  • li-arrowUnderstands the organizational structure, systems, procedures, and policies
  • li-arrowConsiders the impact of decisions and actions within boundaries of own team and sphere of influence
  • li-arrowUnderstands both the formal and informal power structure of the organization and knows who can influence decisions
  • li-arrowEffectively develops networks for mutual assistance and knowledge exchange


  • li-arrowCommands the attention and respect of others, motivating them to align their actions with the larger organizational goals
  • li-arrowConsidered a role model by immediate team members
  • li-arrowClarifies scope of delegated authority and responsibility

Leading Change

  • li-arrowSupports a team environment that is receptive to change and initiates improvement programs continuously
  • li-arrowInvolves the individuals affected by change in the planning and implementation process
  • li-arrowHelps the team overcome barriers to change

Culture Alignment

  • li-arrowAct as an ambassador for the f1 brand. Help in culture embodiment and brand advocacy.


  • li-arrowIdentifies opportunities and problems, proposes solutions. Successfully drives change.
  • li-arrowIs willing to raise tough issues.
  • li-arrowTackles problems and takes independent action, seeks out new responsibilities, acts on opportunities, generates new ideas, practices self-development.

Managing Performance

  • li-arrowEmploys competency-based interviewing techniques for recruiting talent, and champions its use by others.
  • li-arrowClearly communicates performance standards and actively manages performance issues in a supportive, objective, and straightforward manner.
  • li-arrowCreates development opportunities for team members
  • li-arrowPersonally employs competency-based interviewing techniques for recruiting talent, and encourages others to do the same.
  • li-arrowSets clear performance goals and targets, and regularly reviews these with team members
  • li-arrowProvides support, coaching, and guidance that address employee development objectives

Technical/Professional Depth & Credibility

  • li-arrowDemonstrates significant knowledge across a range of (generally, related) discipline areas and/or has extensive specialist knowledge
  • li-arrowConfidently solves complex problems and translates complicated ideas into understandable concepts in a business context
  • li-arrowSeeks out new tools, methods, techniques, and accesses extensive resources, acting as a widely consulted expert internal resource
  • li-arrowProvides adequate resources to achieve plans, justifying additional resources as required

Business Management

  • li-arrowEstablishes team plans and goals, prioritizing and aligning them with the organization's strategic and operational plan
  • li-arrowMonitors personal and team performance
  • li-arrowMakes improvements and adjustments to optimize achievement of results
  • li-arrowReviews skill mix and requirements, and implements plans to optimize them