Job Description
Role Summary: Common tasks, qualifications and special skills


  • li-arrowPossess intermediate skill in design principles (menu/object structure, windows usage, layout, style, information design)
  • li-arrowDemonstrate an intermediate understanding of UCD process
  • li-arrowDemonstrate intermediate skill with UI design tools


  • li-arrowCreate simple UI prototypes, task flows, screen designs for a small product or parts of a large product
  • li-arrowWrite portions of UI style guides, design direction white papers, and/or whole product UI specifications   
  • li-arrowContribute design solutions to usability reports
  • li-arrowParticipate in customer research activities (site visits, surveys, focus groups)  
  • li-arrowParticipate in design reviews of products for compliance with corporate UI standards  
  • li-arrowEducate individual developers, product managers and strategists about UCD principles and deliverables 


  • li-arrowWork one on one with peers in product management and development 
  • li-arrowMaintain project plans, schedules and status independently
  • li-arrowReceive supervision 1-3 times weekly 
  • li-arrowDemonstrate a mature and responsible attitude in all aspects of assigned position
  • li-arrowExercise flexibility and adaptability towards achieving the overall objectives of the group. 

Core Skills

  • li-arrowA good theoretical and practical grasp of interaction design issues, the continually evolving vocabulary of interaction and UI design and an ability to explain this simply to stakeholders.  
  • li-arrowHelp the customer to understand the value of end users to their business. Ability to work directly with customers to build ideas from scratch to MVP. 
  • li-arrowAbility to challenge developers and thrive for pixel perfection.
  • li-arrowAbility to articulate design ideas, design solutions, problem statements to product stakeholders, customers and internal customers effectively both verbal and written.

Core Business Competencies

Product Mastery

  • li-arrowDemonstrates a working knowledge of F1Studioz total service offerings relative to the potential benefits to customers  
  • li-arrowAccurately assesses own scope of technical knowledge, and knows when and how to get the appropriate help 

Technical/Professional Depth & Credibility

  • li-arrowDemonstrates a working, conceptual knowledge of a narrow professional, technical/specialist, or services area 
  • li-arrowApplies knowledge for basic problem solving in typical or standard situations 
  • li-arrowMakes effort to acquire further relevant knowledge 


  • li-arrowConveys knowledge and credibility with effective structuring of ideas, opinions and information, in writing and speaking  
  • li-arrowListens carefully to the content of information being conveyed; asks clarifying
  • li-arrowQuestions to ensure understanding of others' messages

Customer Focus 

  • li-arrowResponds proactively to the needs of customers. Ensures customer satisfaction by regularly measuring it. 
  • li-arrowBuilds customer confidence, is committed to increasing customer satisfaction, sets achievable customer expectations, assumes responsibility for solving customer problems, ensures commitments to customers are met, solicits opinions and ideas from customers, responds to internal customers. 

Building Relationships 

  • li-arrowInitiates professional contact outside of work team, when required by job role
  • li-arrowMaintains relationships with internal and external contacts.  


  • li-arrowPuts the success of the team above own success.  
  • li-arrowMeets all team deadlines and responsibilities, listens to others and values opinions, helps team leaders to meet goals, welcomes newcomers also promotes a team atmosphere. 

Results Orientation 

  • li-arrowPersonally does what is required to complete the work  
  • li-arrowDemonstrates persistence in the face of setbacks  
  • li-arrowConsistently delivers high quality results on time 

Personal Drive 

  • li-arrowAccepts responsibility for identifying new and challenging personal development needs  
  • li-arrowConstantly makes self-assessments for personal development 
  • li-arrowIs self-motivated and a self-starter 


  • li-arrowIdentifies opportunities and problems, proposes solutions. Successfully drives change. Is willing to raise tough issues. Tackles problems and takes independent action, seeks out new responsibilities, acts on opportunities, generates new ideas, practices self-development. 
  • li-arrowHow have you improved the team, product & company? Matters for initiatives

Adapting to Change 

  • li-arrowSupports change, and encourages others to respond positively to change  
  • li-arrowDemonstrates flexibility in working with a variety of working styles, new situations, and team members 

Culture Alignment 

  • li-arrowAdhere to f1 core culture of simplicity, empathy and agility.