Romancing a Line!!

Jun 8, 2020 | Duration: 4:00 PM

Art is subjective. It has various perspectives. For Abhimanyu from Mahabharata, it's Padmavyuha, and for us, it could be layers of problems.” Pudi Ravi questions his audience in this respect. Were you ever stuck while exploring a Personal Vision of Art? If so this talk is a must watch for you!


How to design a good life?

Feb 5, 2021 | Duration: 0:56:10

Every great journey starts with a small step. And the learning has everything to do with success. Witness the journey of Vikram Ibrampurkar, Director of UX at f1Studioz - Enterprise UX / UI Design Company. Watch Evolution of design, Design Reunion by Vikram, a series of unforgettable events here.

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