What is f1studioz?

f1studioz is a core user experience company. We focus on simplifying complex enterprise workflows, which would empower & make enterprise users more productive.

We believe in these 3 mantras.

  • Simplicity : Simplify workflows and make users more productive.
  • Empathy : We always empathise with both end users and businesses.
  • Agility : In Enterprise world speed matters.

What are we best at?

We specialise in Enterprise UX, focused on creating awesome Mobile and Web User Experiences. We do UX Design and Front-end Engineering.

What kind of applications do we design?

Web based applications, iOS & Android Applications.

Do we also do development?

Yes, we are experts in Front end Engineering and translate the designs to pixel perfect implementations. We do not work on backend technologies

Backend work is usually done by the customer's team or we can help find a great partner

What all front end technologies do we work on?

Angular, React, Vue.js, Meteor, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, Foundation.

What kind of clients do we work with?

Enterprises, Established SMBs & Funded Startups.

What are our engagement models?

Retainer Model, T&M and Resource Placement.

What is the average time for a project?

As they say, no two projects are same. For giving you a sense, A simple events discovery mobile app would take approximately 4 weeks. (Please don't quote us :))

Why should you work with us?

  • Insane love for User Experience
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Strong Business Empathy
  • Product Mindset
  • Adhere to Agile process
  • Engineers with UX DNA
  • Dedicated Core team
  • Transparency in Projects and Deliverables

Where are we located?

We have mastered the art of working and ensuring predictable deliveries from offshore.
We have our presence at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Austin and San Francisco.

How expensive are we?

We offer great value for the quality and professionalism.