Ozonetel is a contact centre platform that aims to enable businesses to communicate effectively via voice, email, social media, SMS and chat, all under one roof.

1 Year of Collaboration

3 Designers

2 Developers

What We Delivered?

UX Research

Ideation & Design

UI Design

Front End Engineering

Aligning with Business Objectives

Increase the productivity by simplifying user's tasks and multitasking, because in contact centre business...

Every second costs money.

Identifying Roadbloacks

Difficulties in Consuming Data

Challenges in Drawing Inferences

Fragmented Information

Identifying the Users

Meeting The Users

Are you facing any difficulties with the current product?

Repeated logins and opening multiple windows due to fragmented navigation structure.

What are the challenges with monitoring the data?

Overwhelming volume of data makes it difficult to prioritise, consume, and draw actionable insights promptly.

What can be done to increase efficiency?

Switching between channels involves multiple clicks and navigating through nested information.

Assessing the Competition

Key Insights

Segmenting data and emphasising crucial points can enhance clarity.

Use of filters, icons, and colours facilitates efficient data consumption.

Implementing a ranking systems may motivate agents.

Gauges and stacked graphs struggle with complex, dynamic data.

Piecing it Together


With a deep information structure, “Inverted L” helps users to quickly narrow down their searches across different sections and sub-sections


Effectively presenting the data having multiple variables by implementing appropriate graphs and adding local filters and tabs.

Agent Dashboard

Amidst high-frequency tasks with high volumes we introduced multitasking features, allowing agents to chat and attend calls at the same time

Putting it to the Test

What additional features would you like to see in your dashboards?

Managers aspire to craft tailored dashboards to align with their distinct needs and preferences.

What else can enhance your decision-making process?

To pinpoint operational challenges effectively, there's a need for alerts and comprehensive data drill-down capabilities across various modes.

On busy days, what else can help you manage your workload?

Agents seek the capability to set aside emails for later and prioritise handling calls and chats.

Incorporating the Insights

Dashboard Designer

Empowering managers to personalize their dashboards to align with their unique needs.

Interactive Widgets

Innovating data visualisation by accommodating complex data with multiple variables and effortlessly drilling down to pinpoint operational issues.

Agents Dashbaord

Efficient agent controls for swift navigation and multitasking in chats and calls.


Dashbaords IVR Designer Dashbaords

An Incredible Partnership


Users Onboarded


Increase in Adoption


Increase in CSAT

Prashanth Kancherla

VP of Product, Ozonetel

“ It has been a pleasant and educating experience to work with F1 Studioz & team. Would highly recommend F1's team to any company who wants to outsource their UI/UX design and development. “