Better adoption with Salesforce Lightning

Lightning lays out a more responsive interface, which is well-suited for mobile applications. It automatically adapts to the look and feel of the device one is using. With richer components for the client-side, Lightning applications can embed diverse types of visualization.

Data driven decision making

Dashboards are not anymore restricted to three. Animated components on the dashboards aid in data-driven decisions at the glance of it. Data available could make it easier for decision-makers to make decisions easier and faster. Users can view open and closed sales amounts, as well as see their deals closed by date.

Better Visual Reporting

Fix your dashboard and report problems now. Make them visually dashing. Analysis made easy becomes the dashboard's key selling point. Dashboard with comprehension saves executives time. Not only will this visual upgrade save time but also optimizes the financial investment made on this.

Dynamic Website

Lightning Experience through visual lightning transition experience gathers the most accessible UI for the user and makes an advantage out of it. Control when a component appears on a Lightning page by adding filter conditions and logic to its properties in the Lightning App Builder. Information display is more dynamic and visual than ever before.

Design for ease of use.

Lightning is inclined towards coming up with a more responsive interface, best suited for mobile applications. This automatically adapts to the look and feel of the device and throws a consistent experience across every device. Consider functionality in addition to the visual element. A design that creates an enjoyable experience improves the employee experience, increases brand engagement, and drives business outcomes.

A Forrester TEI study showed that a composite organization that adopted Lightning saw benefits on the following value dimensions:

  • - 3% to 25% increase in productivity
  • - 50% faster application development
  • - 25% time savings for developers building on Lightning
  • - Faster time to market
  • - Improved process efficiency

It’s the future. Think about it now!!

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What is Salesforce for beginners?

Salesforce is a software that deals with customer relationship management backed by the cloud. The customer and sales details are accounted for and manage the organization’s data. It also offers features that customize its inbuilt data structures to suit specific needs.

How does Salesforce function?

It operates on a pay-as-you-go subscription-based business model. Data and information collected are stored in the cloud, and hence salesforce is accessible from any device at any time.

Is it hard to learn salesforce?

The extensiveness of salesforce does not make it difficult for understanding. Salesforce software will allow individuals to create more personalized marketing campaigns and respond quickly to customer needs.

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