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But before we proceed any further...

What are the Tenets of UX?

What are the Tenets of UX

Why are the tenets important?

Why are the tenets important
  • Provides Consistency

    Provides Consistency

    Designers can create a consistent and predictable experience across different parts of product or system.

  • Alignment with Business Goals

    Alignment with Business Goals

    Tenets can help ensure that the design of a product or system aligns with the goals of the organization or brand.

  • Improves Usability

    Improves Usability

    By following these guidelines, designers can create products that are easier and more intuitive to use.

  • Identification of Usability Issues

    Identification of Usability Issues

    Helps identify potential usability issues by providing guidelines for evaluating a product or system.

  • Improved User Satisfaction

    Improved User Satisfaction

    Designers can create products that not only function well but also delight and satisfy users.

Who are the users?

  • UX Designers

    UX Designers

    For creating digital products and systems that are easy and enjoyable to use.

  • Product Managers

    Product Managers

    To ensure that the products are not only functional but also user-friendly.

  • Developers


    To ensure that the products they build meet the usability and design standards.

  • Researchers


    To understand the needs and expectations of users and identify usability issues.

  • Business Stakeholders

    Business Stakeholders

    To ensure that digital products and systems align with the organization's goals and values.

Where to apply?

  • Ideation


    They can be used during the ideation phase to guide brainstorming sessions.

  • User Research

    User Research

    Heuristics can be used to develop research questions and identify potential usability issues.

  • Design


    These can be used to guide the design process, ensuring products and systems are easy and enjoyable to use.

  • Testing


    They can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of digital products and systems.

  • Optimization


    Can be used to continually optimize products and systems based on user feedback and analytics.

But before we proceed any further...

The Heuristics and Tenets of UX

  • Positioning


    UX - Led Product positioning, examines how the customers interact with the product and finds insights for imrpoving the brand.

  • Ease of First Use

    Ease of First Use

    Identify how easy or hard it is for the users to onboard onto the application and get started with using it.

  • Way Finding

    Way Finding

    Analysing the user journeys to find if the product gives enough clues to the users to guide them to the next steps to complete the tasks.

  • Base Familiarity

    Base Familiarity

    To ease in the user to any product or service, the behavior of key components should be according to normalized expectations.

  • Steepness of Learning Curve

    Steepness of Learning Curve

    Steepness of Learning Curve defines the effort needed to put in from the user's end to learn and use the app effectively.

  • Value of Prolonged Use

    Value of Prolonged Use

    In order to keep the user engaged, the time invested in the system should lead to better understanding and increase in value.

  • Consistency


    Process of examining the product for overall consistency. Visual design, Service Delivery, and Customer Support.

  • False Promises

    False Promises

    Making false promises to end user for conversion or other reasons and not delivering the same will affect brand's credibility.

  • Error Handling

    Error Handling

    How system deals with, Error propensity & prevention. Also, how does system handle the experience once an error occurs.

  • Task Life Cycle

    Task Life Cycle

    Everything on a platform comes together in form of tasks, which constitute of various stages and components.

  • Depth of Personalization

    Depth of Personalization

    Personalisation helps in making a digital product that is unique and meaningful for each user. It makes user feels in control.

  • Sensorial Aesthetic

    Sensorial Aesthetic

    Aesthetic and clean design can increase the overall value of app UX and help in improving brand usability for the users.

  • Security and Privacy

    Security and Privacy

    Security and privacy are important for the users to feel safe while using the application. It also affects the credibility of the brand.

  • Unintended Consequences

    Unintended Consequences

    How can we know the full effect of what we make? Complexities of humans will produce unintended design consequences.

  • Secret Sauce

    Secret Sauce

    Every system has something unique defined in approach which helps propagate greater value and delight over other systems.

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