Project Brief

At the heart of international travel and migration lies the complex realm of visa processing.

Our collaboration with Y-Axis spans over 5 to 6 years still continuous, during which we've worked on multiple projects out of which one meticulously crafted project is to enhance the user experience of their visa processing services, particularly focusing on the USA market.

First hand dilemma

Confronting Immigration Pain Points Head-On

Packaging Selection

Implemented a user-friendly interface for selecting visa packages, providing clear options for individual, couple, or family applications

Seamless Checkout Experience

Optimised the checkout process to ensure smooth transition from package selection to payment, reducing friction and dropout rates


Complexity of Visa application

Navigating through the intricacies of visa applications is always daunting for users, especially when faced with multiple service options and intricate forms.

The journey from initial inquiry to visa processing lacked cohesion, with users often feeling lost or overwhelmed by the multitude of steps involved

User Journey Fragmentation

In our quest to transform Y-axis's overseas immigration services, our UX research process was a meticulous exploration.

We delved into user behaviours, pain points, and aspirations, uncovering valuable insights that paved the way for an intuitive and client-centric solution.

From in-depth user interviews to comprehensive usability testing, every step was a strategic move to refine the user experience, ensuring a seamless journey for students, professionals, and dependents pursuing their dreams abroad.

Research, design, test, iterate

Research, design, test, iterate icon

POV: That's our process

79.5% out of 102 people had a complex application user experience.

Digitalising The Immigration

29% of HR pros recruit abroad due to skill gaps, but 52% avoid it due to lengthy US legal processes.

PlanSponsors Survey

A survey revealed that in 38% of the cases, the steps of paperwork were not clearly explained

Enhancing the Immigration
For Students & Work Visa

For Students & Work Visa

“It's very tidy and rough process and navigating to each step is like walking alone in the shadows”

Earning Manager - Y-Axis Team

Earning Manager - Y-Axis Team

Struggling with earnings and commissions for different personas, affecting accessibility and user experience.

Target audience

Simplifying our catalysts' lives.

User's task flow icon

Clear process flow:

Visulaized the visa processing journey in an intuitive flow diagram, guiding users trough each step from initial inquiry to contract signup.

Capturing painpoints:

Strategically mapping task flows to pinpoint pain points and enhance user experience.

            task flow

Unveiling Solution

Our concise dashboard solution for students.


The dashboard provides comprehensive information on the required user actions, coupled with relevant data facilitating informed decision-making without delay.


Smooth onboarding

How can we ensure seamless user navigation?"

How to determine the right form and required documents?

How to easily resume from where they left off?

Smooth Onboarding

Roadmap & Transparency

Ensure transparency throughout the process with intuitive milestones, providing a clear roadmap for every step. Stay informed about the required funds at each stage, empowering a seamless and confident journey toward your goals."

Roadmap & Transparency

Followup & Checklist

Experience peace of mind with our system's regular follow-ups, ensuring you're always on track. Receive automatic updates through user-friendly checklists, keeping you informed at every stage of the process.

Followup & Checklist

Unveiling Solution

Curating seamless journey for

Earning Manager

Comissions Dashboard

The earning manager dashboard helps monitor performance incentives for individuals and teams.

Rethinking the earning manager dashboard and Building scalable solution with a design system. Bringing simplicity and making delightful experience to all the personas.

Earning manager Recognition

“Receiving XX commission for every candidate gets admission and successfully landing abroad.

Easy to track
Scalable System

Earnings overview

The earnings are the extra commissions to the consultant. It will push them to perform well and bringing more productivity.

The progress bar helps consultant to track their performance. This makes them to achieve sales targets timely.

Offers: By providing offers, consultants gives productivity in the festival time.

Earnings overview

Commissions Dashboard

Detailed commissions informations summarized here.

  • Sales / Success commission details
  • Commissions details table
  • Current month target tracker
  • Activate enhance MB
Comissions Dashboard
Ranking List

Ranking List

Tailoring the recognition trails across the department.

  • Accessible filters to view top 10/25/50/100 rank holders
  • Past rank / past reward trend graph

“They have a great sense of design which they think through thoroughly after studying the business strategy and user behaviour. It's a great mix of tech, art and business strategy.”


Our Learnings

In summary, our collaboration with Y-axis has revolutionized the overseas immigration experience. From transparent checklists to seamless navigation, our solutions empower users.

This success reaffirms our commitment to simplifying processes and fostering confidence in pursuing global aspirations."

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