The Product's Story

To design a mobile-first native app which promotes trade, use of financial services and warehousing in the community.


Product Goals

Business Goal

To be a tech-enabled and digitally-driven system that requires little to none manual involvement from Arya.

User Goal

To digitize the process of buying and selling of produce with an end-to-end support from Arya right at their fingertips.


Users operating CRUD operations & managing the whole ecosystem


Users who purchase the grains from the farmers, FPOs, Farm-owners, etc


Farmers and FPOs who wishes to make commodity trades and sell on the best bids.


These sets of users includes both buyers and sellers.

Warehouse Owners

These are the FPOs, farmers or anyone owning a warehouse to store grains.

Identifying The Target Audience

To recruit participants for stakeholder interviews, we investigated the roles and journeys of our target audience.


Ecosystem mapping

Identifying product lines, users and their roles in the system to get an idea about their interactions.

Listing all the tasks with common intents that the different profiles engage with on


Misleading actionables

Partial Information leading mistrust from user

No real-time assistance

Accessibility issues on actionable elements.

Multiple primary CTAs resulting in confusion to navigate

No feedback on certain actions, difficult for user to find the log of their activities

Feature mismatch in web and mobile

Inconsistency in layout and creatives

Parameters for payment security are not communicated

Primary Information is hidden under a long scroll

Forced Sign Up without fulfilling the primary requirement

Less visibility of system status

For this evaluation, we made use of tenets from our blue-book which has been created to conduct HE in a quantified, sore-based manner

Read our Blue-Book

Heuristic Evaluation

Conducting a thorough UX Audit of the current product, we found the exact pain points to be addressed.


Competitive Analysis

We considered the indirect competitors of Arya for this activity. The objective was to get the overall quality insights and set a design benchmark based on certain parameters as shown.


Proper visual clue for efficient interaction. Letting the user easily navigate through the sections.

Base Familiarity

A fair number of standard elements with known signifiers.


Communicating proper brand story, objective and achievements.

Atomic Density

Enough breathing room for the User Interface elements.

Balanced text Usage

Adding texts with information wherever needed, yet avoiding too much of text in self-explanatory elements.


Visible and prominent areas of navigation to make the user feel accessible to all sections on the platform.


User Studies

Interviewing the potential customers, primarily current or past users of the product

  • What tasks do they typically perform on the app?
  • What does their everyday journey look like?
  • What are their pain points?
  • Do they have set mental models when it comes to navigating and understanding information on the platform?
  • What are their happy paths?
  • What does their digital world look like, apart from Arya?

User Research Insights

Capturing the primary and secondary needs of users, we collated points which directly and indirectly affected the user conversion.

System Level/Backend

Notifications from Arya regarding Mandi Rates

Range of prices that the commodity is getting sold at along with the mandi rate.

New Features

Seed processor Profile

Intuitive overview for all kind of payments. [Incoming and Outgoing]

Warehouse overview and their commodity storage

UI Fixes

Preferences on corps and locations

Prominency of Mandi bhav within a section

One-tap process in familiar interactions.

Smooth onboarding is needed

Advanced commodity filter

Visual data on the storage facility

Proper hierarchy of Commodity browsing

Additional Cards

Predictive rates of commodity

Capacity details in warehouse

Loan against commodity

Last updated commodity prices

Attributes related to Mandi and warehouse, which helps the user making informed decisions.

Information Architecture

In this exercise, we intended to simplify the accessibility of different modules inside the system so that a new footprint in the app can find the relevant information within a few taps.



Keeping Scalability, Simplicity and Usability as a primary goal, we ideated on concepts with the help of wireframes to optimise the design and task flows for the best user experience.

Visual Design Strategy

Visual Moodboarding.

We moodboarded with the stakeholders for visual design and the whole workshop was surrounding the marketing story and theme of the app.

Accent colors





Secondary colors







Label Colors










  • We understood that our users are not particularly tech-savvy, so approached for solutions which follow the standards in terms of UI components.
  • Elements like quick links, cards, offer banners, carousels, scroll, etc, are namely some of the components which have been used all across the new designs.

Commodity Management

Since the majority of customers only trade in one to two commodities, it was crucial to give them access to content that they could curate according to their preferences.

Warehousing & Storage.

  • Users have a number of commodities stored in different warehouses, Storage section is the one where they can see all of them together.
  • We have shown clear visual indication of services as per their availability for Certified and Non-certified warehouses.


  • Although the wallet distribution in Arya differs from that of typical e-wallets, we took care of disbursements, statements, and logs consistent with what consumers would expect to see.
  • With Loan Against Commodity (LAC) feature, it becomes essential for users to have a section dedicated just for disbursements in order to acquire the insights upfront and respond appropriately.

Buy, Auction & Sell.

  • A user can examine all of their quotes after posting a buy or sell requirement and proceed with a contract if they're satisfied.
  • Once a quote is finalised, the seller can use it to build a contract and send it to the buyer. This works for all pages - Buy, Sell and Auctions

Profile Management

  • Profile is the go-to space for users which has all the actions and section that are contextual to the user. Sections like My Store, Release Stock Log, My Quotes, Favourited Items, etc.
  • We also included a part where users could switch between the different languages easily.