Make Learning Fun

Through gamification - leaderboards, points and rewards, and more. Research-led design that increases student motivation to do well and spend more time learning.
Captivate your students through immersive design

Data Visualization

Effective data visualization to manage your student data and view your products analytics. With compelling data dashboards, students and teachers alike can see performance analytics and growth over time.
Captivate your students through immersive design


We close the gap between EdTech designers and users. Research shows that more than any other domain, EdTech requires a careful balance of Value vs. Pain equation. A user-first approach to understand needs and pain points to create a personalized learning experience for users.
Captivate your students through immersive design

Simple and Intuitive Design

We incorporate the latest design trends in designing interfaces and interactions using a range of multimedia and tools. We use simplicity to design intuitive interfaces for both students and teachers. We create a stress-free and enjoyable experience for all to ensure long-term engagement and usage.
Captivate your students through immersive design

Be Future Ready

We stay up to date with latest technologies and use AR, VR, AI and machine learning to gain insights into your customers. Recent research shows that AR and VR in the global education market is expected to grow from $9.3 billion in 2018 to 19.6 billion in 2023. Immersive technologies are the future of EdTech and key to making learning more engaging and fun.
Captivate your students through immersive design

Compelling Landing Pages

Did you know that 79% of customers admit to searching for another site if the one they landed on does not live up to expectations? A Call to Action (CTA) makes a big difference on your conversion page. Let us help you enhance your CTAs. After all, User Experience is vital to facilitating conversions on your website.
Captivate your students through immersive design


They have a great sense of design which they think through thoroughly after studying the business strategy and user behaviour. It’s a great mix of tech, art and business strategy.

Xavier Augustin
Founder & CEO Homedepot Overseas Careers
Xavier Augustin, Founder & CEO Homedepot Overseas Careers
Jean Marie Richardson, Founder and CEO iFOLIO

iFolio looks forward to collaborating further now and in the future, and recommends f1studioz to any firm or enterprise.

Jean Marie Richardson
Founder and CEO iFOLIO


What is education tech?

The integration of hardware, software, and educational theories to facilitate the process of learning is known as education technology. It creates an active learning environment for students of all ages.

What is the purpose of education tech?

To improve the components of education methods and enhance the quality of education provided to students. It also ensures the apt management of staffing and resources.

What are some of the examples of education tech?

Some examples of education tech are AI (Artificial Intelligence), 3D printing, virtual reality, gamification, blogging, augmented reality, podcasting, high-tech collaboration tools and personalized learning.

What does the future hold for Education tech?

Education technology is a growing phenomenon in the market. It potentially improves the quality of education because of its easily explained concepts added with animations that make education fun and interactive.

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