Managing social media accounts and analysing the online reputation of a brand is a cumbersome job. Out of all the buzz going on around a brand or a product it becomes difficult to draw actionable insights. Apart from this, with the ever evolving nature of social media platforms it becomes difficult for systems to keep up scaling.

Can we make the existing system more intuitive, easy to setup and scalable for the future?

Design Challenge

  • Make it easy to Setup. First time user experience. A lot of drop off happens on products just because the initial setup is too complicated.
  • Identify Issues with existing product.There was a need to identify what users felt about the product.
  • Make it scalable. Making an IA that is in sync with the mental model of the user and also future ready, such that new features can be included easily.

UX Revamp Journey

Dating the Stakeholders

Discovery workshop is conducted involving user and other stakeholders to understand the problems, pain points and unfulfilled user need in the existing application.

Work Flows & IA

Existing flows and Information architecture are analysed to find out issues related to usability and scalability. Based on the findings a robust IA and work flow are created.

Wireframe & Testing

Wireframing,Usability Testing, User Testing

UI design

Typography, Colors, Balance and Rhythm

The Date

To understand the product and vision of the stakeholders,
workshop was conducted involving activities like empathy mapping and user jounery mapping.

Information Architecture

f1studioz, Love making begins

Product Highlights

A robust and scalable Information Architecture was created that enabled the visionaries at GenY
to incorporate new features. Some of the star features of the application are highlighted below.

Command Center

Realtime AI driven Sentiment graph gives insight to the buzz going around in the social media as soon as user logs into the application.

Direct reply helps the community manager to have an effective one to one conversation with the customers.


Dashboard gives a weekly glimpse of customers sentiment towards the brand as well as closely monitor brands competitors.

AI driven KPIs enables the user to narrow down the issues faced by their customers, if any, and address them before it becomes a crisis.

Community manager can generate reports in the form of charts and graphs and send them to thier supervisors - Marketing Manager and CMO.

Simple Setup

An easy to use, intuitive setup for setting “Listeners” that analyses posts from various sources like facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube comments etc.

System Control

A simple yet powerful UI for the system admin to effectively and easily control the various aspects of the application.

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