Simplify your reimbursement process

  • Expense Report
  • Email plugin
  • Discovery
  • Reimbursement process
  • One click expense
  • Task Flows
  • Wireframes
  • IA
  • Visual Design

Problem Statement

Tracking business expenses doesn't have to be frustrating. We should link email, consumer apps and other platforms to simplify recording, sharing and processing of expenses and invoices within an organization. How to incorporate enterprise workflows to ensure that the expenses are approved by the right people in the organization and pushed to payment and accounting automatically?

  • One-Click Expenses
  • Automatic Policy Matching
  • Integrations
  • Tax Credits
  • Bank-Grade Security

Design Challenge

  • Single click
  • Idiot proof
  • Why did this not exist earlier
  • Pinterest for business transactions

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Wireframe speaks volumes  We strongly believe design helps in fine-tuning product requirements, sometimes wireframes helps product teams to understand how complex or simple the solutions is turning to. Hence we do not hesitate to wireframe our ideas and get early feedback from the stakeholders. This helps both the parties to deep-dive into design marathons.

f1studioz, Mock-up…Iterate…Simplify… f1studioz, Mock-up…Iterate…Simplify… f1studioz, Mock-up…Iterate…Simplify…

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