Best Practices in Visual Design for Enterprise Mobile Application

Visual design is mostly incorrectly perceived as the way something looks — in other words; a highly subjective, possibly emotional, and often noncritical element of a project. In fact, visual design can play a much larger role in the success of any mobile app.

So what matters in Visual Design?

  • Understand native guidelines
  • Visual Hierarchy
  • Communicate the relationship between user interface elements
  • Enable Interaction & Information Design
  • Typography can do wonders
  • Communicate the brand essence of a product
  • Create Personality

Visual design is the most visible part of any application. While designing mobile Enterprise application, one has to consider adopting each of these visual design principles depending upon design requirements. These best practices in visual design opens door for building usable and desirable enterprise application. This acts as a check list for designers helping in their thought process, without taking away their degree of freedom.

By adhering to the above thumb rule we can minimise many of these visual design challenges for enterprise mobile application.

Table of Contents

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