Ctrl + R: An Optmyzr Website Case Study

Redesigning PPC Optimization Toolkit

What is Optmyzr?

Optmyzr is a PPC optimization toolkit that serves as an end-to-end solution for search marketing consultants, agencies, and in-house teams to create, optimize, and generate insights helping businesses at all levels optimize their ad performance. The tool is built on the foundations of some barrier smashing Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning techniques, which uses data from the user accounts that drives the platform to reach beyond the core automation found within Google, Microsoft, and other ad engines. Their solution also allows you to automate regular tasks, and frees up your time to focus on testing and strategy, flexible customization, and keeps you in constant control, making your business save countless hours.

Optmyzr in 3 Simple Steps

PPC (Pay per click Ads) Optimization

  1. Campaign Automator: Automated and time-efficient Campaign management.
  2. Optimization: Advanced and strategic optimization process.
  3. Reporting: Actionable Insights based on the account performance.
PPC Management Made Smarter

Problem Statement

Optmyzr offers a complete toolkit for PPC experts and online advertising businesses of all levels while constantly scaling their capabilities, but the target users are unaware of all their SaaS Offerings as the current marketing website is outdated, not SEO friendly, and fails to communicate the unique potentials of the platform along with the active updates from the company like blog podcasts and events. Moreover, the existing website needs a brand refresh to attract more potential customers and illustratively communicate their offerings.

Client Pain Points

  • Outdated Content.
  • Inconsistent visual language.
  • New offerings are not getting enough attention.
  • Unclear product message.
  • Improper menu structure.

End Goals

  • Put more focus on the SaaS offerings.
  • Attract the potential users to start the free trial.
  • A complete toolkit for PPC experts to manage their ads in an efficient way at a reasonable price.
  • Use good copy blogs for:

> SEO and Customer Searches, for driving higher traffic.

> Better sales communication.

  • Representing Optmyzr in a new light, different from its competitors.
  • Representing the product’s unique capabilities illustratively.
  • Pricing Page to get more focus.
  • Provide CMS module for the Blogs, with dynamic update feature.


  • Sell the concepts in an illustrative way which is good enough to make the users start with the ‘free trial’.
  • Content strategy to be up-to-date.
  • Proper and efficient support to all the resolutions — Web, Tablet, and Mobile.
Resolution Support For Every Device
  • Proper site and menu structures to be in place.
Proper Site Structuring
  • Avoid stock photography.

Optmyzr Style Guide

  • Illustration Styles:
Conveying the Message Illustratively
  • Style Guide Screens:
Logo Design Guidelines
Color Palette
Brand Guidelines and Values
Spacing Guidelines
Typography Guidelines

Team f1studioz, had an exhilarating time collaborating with team Optmyzr on this project. The complete project can be explored here: https://www.optmyzr.com/.

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