My Journey from UI Intern to UI Engineer

A Tale of Growth and Learning


Entering a technical/coding workplace as an intern from a non-technical background was a challenging experience for me. However, with sheer hard work and dedication, I managed to overcome obstacles and improve my skills. This blog post chronicles my journey from being a UI intern to becoming a full-time UI Engineer at my company, highlighting the projects I worked on, the support I received, and my aspirations for the future.

Embracing the Technical World

Coming from a non-technical background, I initially found it difficult to navigate the coding and technical aspects of my workplace. However, with time, my determination and efforts paid off as I learned and improved my skills. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and SCSS were some of the skills I honed, while Angular became a valuable addition to my repertoire.

Some resources I used:

Interview Process

Before delving into the projects I worked on, let’s explore the interview process that led me to join the company as a UI intern. The process consisted of the following stages:

Telephonic Round

Initially, the HR department conducted a telephone round. During this round, they asked me some basic questions to assess my knowledge and suitability for the role.

Assignment Submission

Following the telephone round, I was given an assignment to complete. This assignment was designed to evaluate my skills and understanding of front-end development. Once I successfully submitted the assignment, I awaited further communication.

Virtual Round – In-depth Technical Interview

Upon successfully submitting the assignment, I received an invitation for a virtual round. This interview aimed to assess my proficiency in front-end development tools and technologies. The interviewer asked me a series of in-depth questions to gauge my knowledge and problem-solving abilities in the field.

Final Virtual Round – Coding Assessment

After clearing the in-depth technical interview, I proceeded to the final virtual round. This round focused on testing my coding skills. I was given two front-end development-related coding tasks to complete. Successfully accomplishing these tasks demonstrated my coding abilities and problem-solving skills.

Offer Confirmation

Following the completion of the entire interview process, I received a call from the HR department a couple of days later. They conveyed the good news that I had been selected for the UI intern role.

The rigorous interview process ensured that the company selected candidates who possessed the necessary skills, knowledge, and aptitude for the role. It also allowed me to showcase my abilities and proved to be an important step in my journey with the company.

Noteworthy Projects

During my internship and subsequent full-time role, I had the opportunity to work on several exciting projects. Some notable projects include QuizMaster, Kotak-Mutual-Fund website, case studies, F1Studioz web pages, Spectra-One, and currently, the Angular-Trello project. The Kotak-Mutual-Fund website project stands out as a significant achievement for me, as it required managing 70+ changes, editing complex code without disturbing existing functionality, and communicating directly with clients.

A Workplace That Supports Growth

a. Work-Life Balance: One of the aspects I appreciate about F1Studioz is the emphasis on work-life balance. Starting each day with enthusiasm and positivity, I receive tasks from my reporting manager after the scrum meeting. Once assigned a task, I can work without interruptions, allowing me to focus on project requirements and deliverables. Additionally, the company’s workflow enables flexible working according to project needs and individual potential. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is encouraged, as evidenced by consistent adherence to Saturday and Sunday as off days. I rarely experience work overload or pressure from senior authorities, fostering a stress-free environment.

b. Supportive Teammates: The camaraderie among my teammates is commendable. Whenever I need assistance, they are readily available, even if they are occupied with their own tasks. Their supportive and humble attitude makes it easy to seek guidance and collaborate effectively.

c. Responsibility and Growth: F1Studioz encourages employees to take responsibility for their tasks. In certain projects, we are entrusted with building and representing solutions to clients from scratch. This level of responsibility enhances communication, presentation skills, and confidence.

d. Excellent Designing Team: The development work at f1Studioz is complemented by an exceptional design team. As a leading UX/UI company, F1Studioz boasts an innovative team that not only creates quality designs but also ensures their maintenance.

e. Funda Sessions: The HR Team organizes engaging and informative events, including interactive sessions and entertaining games. These efforts are greatly appreciated, as they foster a positive and engaging work environment.

Future Goals

Currently, I am actively learning Angular, and I already possess knowledge of React. My next goals include mastering additional frameworks and technologies such as Tailwind CSS and Material UI. I aspire to work on diverse projects that require the utilization of these frameworks, languages, and technologies. Furthermore, I am committed to staying updated with new and advanced technologies relevant to our projects.


I attribute my successful performance to the incredible support from my teammates, the guidance of my reporting manager, and the inspiring leadership of our team manager. Working with Nikunj, Rochak, Sandhya, and Rakhi over the past seven months has been a pleasure, as they are all exceptional developers. I extend special gratitude to my reporting manager, Shalu, for her unmatched patience in explaining projects and providing training. Lastly, I appreciate our team manager, Ankit Sir, for creating a comfortable work environment where communication flows effortlessly.

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