Tenets of UX: Positioning


With the rise in competition today across every domain and sector, differentiating your brand from the competitors has become more important than ever!

Just selling the product or brand won’t suffice now. Users & customers want to see the impact the brand is making in their lives, how engaging it is, and how it is making their lives simpler. And, UX-led Product Positioning can help a brand achieve this goal.

Design-Led Positioning

A good design plays a huge impact in redefining a brand’s position in the market sector along with keeping up with the brand’s promise for the users. This is usually achieved by the Ethnographic Research Methods that help in understanding the interaction pattern of current vs potential customers.

The insights generated from these research methods are incorporated to first understand the users and then design for them. Everything ultimately leading to one thing — define the brand position in the market.

Ethnographic Research In Design Thinking

Design-Led Positioning is achieved through 4 major strategies:

  1. Branding — The practice of creating a name, symbol, or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.
  2. Persuasive Design — an area of design practice that focuses on influencing human behavior through a product’s or service’s characteristics.
  3. User Persona— A user persona is a semi-fictional character based on your current customer that might use the site, brand, or product in a similar way.
  4. UX Writing — The practice of churning out copies that guide users within a product and helps them interact with it.

Following the above strategies will help the organization in creating some amazing and visually pleasing designs making their online presence worth the user’s time along with demonstrating brand personality and a good user experience.

Good designs can support a brand’s positioning by making sure the brand promises become true conclusively leading the future to a design-led & human-centered practice.

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