2021 is here with new trends and updates. TBH market is oversaturated and designers have to regularly check up on the emerging trends every moment. Trends fade away faster as most of us use and normalize them. F1’s UX Methodology with 8+ years of experience in Web and Mobile applications designs has made us predict these trends to be in this year. Have a look!

1. User Research:

One thing is clear. We are not the users, so there is a lot of leverage in understanding the user’s behavior. Designing according to the user behavior opens new gates that cannot be easily tracked. Though designers own the product it is not totally possible to understand users’ needs according to them.

User Research is never-ending but a continuous process. We at f1 hope to see more and more designers adapt to this process as it is more insightful. The results validate the design decisions that they opt to make.

2. Skeuomorphic Design:

Skeuomorphism is the graphical interface design trend that mimics the way the design appears. Unlike the flat design trend, skeuomorphism adds the 3d element to the design and makes it look more lively.

It has the capability of bringing in rich emotional experiences to digital devices by creating a sense of familiarity by emulating designs. In 2021, users will be more leaned towards skeuomorphism where there is tangibility and excellent user experience imbibed in the design.

3. UX Writing:

As a UX writer, your goal is not only impressing users but also helping them. Saying that adding a little humor to the CTA can make wonders too. Have you seen or observed that UX Writing can turn a mediocre experience into a more delightful one?!

Many companies have leaned their communication style towards a humorous way. Being creative at crafting User Interface copy that guides the user with the process while spilling beans is exciting. In 2021, UX writing will be all about a delightful informative microcopy and ways to balance brand personality with precision.

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Adding some humor to the boring CTA’s like “Book Now, Register” delights the process more. A few things to keep in mind while composing a wonderful UX copy are: Avoiding any redundancies, not inventing new words and keeping it simple, not tweaking the options just to get the work done. The more casual the copy is, the more comfortable it is to the users.

4. 3D Illustrations:

3D effects in the illustration are nothing new. But from the past few years, it took many forms and remained constant in the illustrations’ industry. And we predict that 3D illustrations will keep ruling the design industry in the coming years too.

5. User interface animations

User Interface Animations are pieces of animation. Backed up with audio they create illusion and motion to the ones viewing it. It is a storytelling technique where the viewer would understand the story being told out with the motions in the digital footage.

Animated CTA’s would be part of UX trends in 2021. It delivers a quite powerful yet engaging branding both at the same time to the website visitors and mobile users. Motion graphics also save us a lot of space by adding more motions to the same piece. With stronger visual indications coming in we will be seeing more User Interface Animations in the future.

Other than these trends there is Dark mode and VUI that have been trending since 2020.

6. Dark Mode:

Dark Mode UI has been trending since 2020. We just knew it was going to be the future when Snapchat has made its UI compatible with the System Dark Mode. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook are offering alternative themes in their software.

Less Eye strain is one of the biggest reasons why everyone is going gaga over Dark Mode. A lighter version is still comfortable to a few of us but Dark Mode is more exciting to use as it pops up a few design elements and thus boosts the CTA’s role. A trend which is going to be continued a long time into the future.

7. VUI:

This allows the user to get things done with voice commands. In fast-paced lives, everybody is in the need of a voice user interface. Thus, UX is gradually shifting from Graphic UI to Voice UI. As people seek an effortless way to trigger services, it could open roads to advancement in the integration of voice with AI.

Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant are already doing well in the market and they will be needed more in the coming future. Read more on VUI here.

Our team has predicted these trends to be ruling 2021.

What do you think is the dopest UX/ UI trend?!

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