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We have a few October surprises in stock for you. Go scroll down and unveil them.
Quick titbits!! Apple came up with the rainbow-striped logo that ran from 1977 until 1998 to sell that Macs had colored screens.


Occam’s Razor: Some designers may be familiar with the “laws of UX”, created by Jon Yablonski. One of these laws is Occam’s Razor. Our team at f1studioz chose Occam’s Razor as the first topic to kick off our “study group” sessions — a weekly community.
Have a look at it: https://blog.f1studioz.com/occams-razor-adfe55dda74e

IPL: Longer zoom calls, increased stress — quarantine days have not been any easy for all of us. Amidst this, we feel that IPL is the one good thing that has happened in 2020. What do you say to that?

Did you know this?!

Poppins, a globally popular font is made in India. It is one of the geometric sans serif typefaces. This has been a popular design element for building websites. So is pappeli, editor, intercom. So would you want to tell us which font does your brand use? Comment by hitting on the image below.



As much as we love to inbox the important design stuff to you, we would also love to have you on our live sessions. So grab that bean bag and coffee mug every Friday at 4 PM. Follow us or nudge us over any social channel for the zoom link.

This way you will get to question the design leader directly over the platform!! Now watch our handpicked design talks’ playlist from the link below.

“Art, Act, Stories& Happiness” with Rajith, Senior Director- UX and Visual Design.
“Education and practice are interdependent.” by Anijo, HOD, American University.
“A-Visual to Visual” by Yogesh, a founder member, Aksharaya Society.

Find out our weekly #fridayfunda sessions by hitting the playlist below: http://bit.ly/designgyansept

Role of mood boards in UX

A mood board is a visual representation of ideas. It is a collage or a collection of materials that could easily deliver the look and feel of the brand. These boards are the colorful visual representations used to communicate the mission of a particular design, brand, or project. In fact, a mood board is a storytelling board that could deliver the users the essence of the project with a look at it. Not just delivering the story but also a well-designed mood board carries emotion in it.

If you are an aspiring designer in any field this is a must to be known subject.

Image source

Few best resources to go through:




International Peace Day

This time, we have celebrated virtually, on the occasion of international peace day.

Peace is happiness. And as Anni Albers quotes, “art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness. So put your brush strokes on a paper today!

That’s all we have for you now.

Hope you enjoyed these little goodies 🙂
If not visit our website for more!!
See you next month. Stay Safe, Take care


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