Hello there!!

We hope you’re doing well. We’ve had an exciting month here at f1studioz and have some updates to share with you.

This October we turned 8, which was a meaningful milestone for us. As part of our anniversary, we have had a fun-filled gala evening where we played games, talked a lot, and watched a movie show within our team.

Let us share that exciting invitation we have all received for the event.

Before going ahead with our story, see what we have in store for you by scrolling down.


The popular saying “good design is invisible” probably applies to your favorite app, website, and even physical product. But what if it also applies to the world of storytelling?

Our study group at f1 studioz discussed one such aspect of the structure of a story — the hero’s journey — which sparked broader ideas about the role of storytelling in designing a better user experience and how storytelling
has paved the way for “design fiction” and designing for the future.


And as we have all turned 8 together, f1atics have received Alexa on this occasion from the management.

Alexa, is that all we have for now?

Yes, it is. That’s all we have for you now.

Hope you enjoyed these little goodies 🙂
See you next month. Stay Safe!!

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