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Hello there,

How did the first month of 2021 go for you? For us, it was as joyous and exciting as ever. Hop in and check out our Feb’s newsletter to know more.

Quick titbits:

Hamburger menus have become so common in the designers’ toolkit. It was initially invented by Norm Cox for Xerox Star, the world’s first graphical user interface in 1981.



What resolutions have you got for the new year?

Watch your posture while working. Pandemic has surely shaped our resolutions for 2021. Not too late to add this one to the list.


We are excited to announce that we have gone live with our Design interactions. If you are looking for some design motivation or creative buzz, tune into our Design Talks and uncover the importance & need for design in the ongoing times, hit below: f1studioz.com/#/designtalks

The Power of Design-led startups:

Are you a customer-led company?
Unlock more market share
Double your revenue
Solve customer problems in a snap. Lead with design.
As per the saying “With great design comes great responsibility”

Stayed tuned to our channels for more on “Design-led startups”

Importance of hiring an External Design agency:

Uber has leveraged an outside design agency as it’s aware of the costs and benefits ratio. Have you got an external design firm for yourself yet?

Trust us it’s a big deal! https://bit.ly/3rrdXIC


Friday Funda sessions have become fun and more and more interactive. For those who couldn’t make it to the live sessions, here’s a playlist for you filled with the January series.

Hit the playlist below: http://bit.ly/jan_playlist

UI/UX Tools and Technologies:

We live in micro-moments and strive to create interactive user experiences with the customer at the heart of everything. With UI/UX designing is a tough job, requires you to be well acquainted with lots of tools.

UI/UX technologies keep evolving every day. Here are the tools that every designer today should be aware of in order to create a compelling User Experience: https://bit.ly/36ISIdf

AMA with Dhayan:

We have kickstarted this wonderful internal AMA session with our Chief Designer Dhayan Kumar. This session had varied questions ranging from the most interesting design problem to any secret hobbies, asked by our f1atics. We are glad to receive such great design insights!!

That’s all we have for you now.

Hope you enjoyed these little goodies 🙂
See you next month. Stay Safe!!

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