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We brought you some warm design news, from the month of coffees and sweaters. Dive in!!

Quick titbits

The first typeset font was used by Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the first printing press, for his landmark printing of the Bible in 1440. Called textura, this font was a form of blackletter, a style that mimics the elaborate calligraphy of handwritten medieval manuscripts.



Design Heuristics have always been loosely followed and have been seen mostly applied to and limited to the very initial process of Heuristic evaluation. The most popular set by Neilson and Norman group is at best pretty old now [ 1990 ] but still seems to be in prevalent use.

Heuristics are a set of principles that need to be imbibed into the heart of the design process for various decisions we make in pursuit of the Human Centricity of Design itself. Our team at f1Studioz — Enterprise UX / UI Design Company wanted to relook at the Heuristics for User experience which are applicable to different modes and mediums we design for. Have a look at it by clicking below.

World Cancer Day

“I am and I will.” World’s cancer day takes place on the 4th of February every year and we at f1studioz spread awareness on this issue by acknowledging that everyone has the capacity to address the cancer burden. We can work together to reduce cancer risk factors. Have a look at it below.

Love thy USER

The past year has been really rough for all of us and so here is the quote to ease it a bit. Love thyself, everything and everyone around, for the most part, the USER.

Happy Valentine’s day!!

Proud UX Partner Moment

Congratulations Boat for raising $100 million from Warburg Pincus, a New York-based equity fund. We, as their UX partner, are very happy to hear this.


Friday Funda sessions have become fun and more and more interactive. For those who couldn’t make it to the live sessions, here’s a playlist for you filled with the February series.

Hit the playlist below: http://bit.ly/designtalks-feb

Demystifying Growth Design

Growth is no longer just a foray for business-focused teams, as now growth teams are found inside every tech company. And like any early-stage discipline, the rise in the community of growth designers is now being closely observed.

Read more on Demystifying Growth Design: Choosing Outcomes over Outputs here: https://bit.ly/demystifyinggrowthdesign

Few other resources to go through:

1. Growth Design

Strategic Design Delivery

To stay relevant in a volatile market, companies are reinventing business models, launching new products based on real-time market needs, and rebranding themselves. Businesses are also investing in digitization on a massive scale. Read more on India Emerges as a Global Hub for Strategic Design Delivery here: http://bit.ly/indiaemergesglobalhub

That’s all we have for you now.

Hope you enjoyed these little goodies 🙂
See you next month. Stay Safe!!

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