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Let us fill your inbox with some warm musings in this winter chilled December. Go ahead and unveil them…

Quick titbits!!

In 1971, the iconic Nike logo was designed by a student named Carolyn Davidson for just $35!! However, three years after Nike went public (1983), the executives surprised her with a party, where she was given an undisclosed amount of shares of Nike stock. Reports suggest they are worth close to $1 Million.


USA 2020: Who might have thought that a Black woman would make it to the Vice Presidency. Our design tribe at f1 designed something alluring as a tribute to Madam Vice President.

UMO Design- Short stories:

As part of the UMO design challenge, our team has made this brilliant storyline. Focussing on the most vulnerable sections of society this is a worth watching narrative!

Diwali Vibes:

This Diwali we spread the festive spirit with this brilliant explosion.
Have a look at it below.

Carousels in UI!

Carousel posts help break bulky content into smaller chunks of information. This has 2 different perspectives from the designers’ point of view. It can either let the user absorb information at their own pace or it could be annoying with all the swiping. What do you think about this?


Friday Funda sessions have become fun and more and more interactive. For those who couldn’t make it to the live sessions, here’s a playlist for you filled with the November series.

Hit the playlist below: https://bit.ly/37EsPer

And also, we request you to join us on 4th Dec at 4 PM as we talk to Rakesh Paladugula, a passionate accessibility specialist, advocate, and mentor on Friday Funda here: https://lnkd.in/gdz5bmG. He is the Product Manager for accessibility at Adobe while leading the employee network group Access at Adobe for Adobe India.

A guide to User Personas

User personas are these ideal characters created by any user-centered designers so that they understand what triggers these sets of individuals. It helps them understand ways in making the websites and integrated communications more effective. A user persona is one of the most significant design strategies to emerge from the user-centered design movement in computing from the mid-80s onwards.

Read more on how designers create user personas to back up their decisions on designing here: https://f1studioz.com/blog/a-guide-to-user-personas/

Few best resources to go through:


Virtual Celebrations at f1:

Diwali is all about spending time with our families. So we had virtual Celebrations with our f1 family too. We played, laughed, made origami diyas, and did a lot more!!

That’s all we have for you now.

Hope you enjoyed these little goodies 🙂
See you next month. Stay Safe!!

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