How working with design studios can bolster your UX career

As more companies begin to acknowledge the potential of great user experience (UX) design in impacting customer loyalty, they are pushing the envelope in embedding it in their culture. This certainly means that a whole new world of opportunities is opening up for UX professionals. It also means finding oneself at the crossroads between working at a design studio and being absorbed in a big corporate setup. The difference in terms of working culture, environment, responsibilities and deliverables at a design studio and a corporate company cannot be emphasised enough. Here’s why every young professional starting out in the UX sector can benefit from the exposure offered by design studios:

Variety Is the Spice of Life

From UX design for startups to big clients, working at a design studio gives you the opportunity to delve into a vast range of verticals and industry domains. This element of variety comes with its own share of challenges and thrills that go a long way in keeping the spark and excitement alive in your everyday work life. Besides, it enriches you as a professional.

Stoke Your Creative Genius

What is the role of a designer? The complete meaning of the role of a UX designer will elude you until you have dipped your toes in a design studio work culture. The flexibility of trying new tools, technologies and strategies to help a diverse set of clients reach their objective can complete blow your mind. This is where you get to truly push the limits vis-a-vis UI designer roles and responsibilities to create new creative opportunities, think out of the box and expand your skill sets.

Right Blend of Business and Design

For most part, UX designers working in corporate setups function like foot soldiers operating in a cloak of anonymity. However, venturing into product design startups can be a turning point in your career. The work atmosphere here dwells on integrating design and business, allowing direct communication with clients and interaction with design makers C-Level executives.

Different Projects, Different Strokes

At a design studio, you get the opportunity to work on different projects simultaneously and directly interacting with clients for each of these projects. This diverse nature of work makes it a perfect fit for anyone who cannot put up with the monotony of a desk job. In dealing with different people, different projects and working toward different milestone, your work days no longer feel identical. Besides, it helps you acquire sound business knowledge from the outset, build connections and develop the ability to collaborate with other designers in businesses on immediate, short-term basis.

Opportunities, Opportunities, Opportunities

The fast and agile paced work culture gives you the opportunity to own the entire product and craft it. In the process, it also serves as the perfect platform for acquiring ‘portable skills’ that come in handy to this day when pitching business value and relevance of design solutions to clients and learning from some of the top product designers in the world.

Last, but not least, who wouldn’t choose to work in a place of their choosing, be it a lounge or a noisy pub over sitting at a desk or even a bean bag in an air-conditioned room. Of all the benefits of working in a design studio, this one truly stands out.

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