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Insights from Front-End Developer Intern Interviews

About f1studioz

f1studioz is a leading Experience Design and Product Strategy firm. Our core belief lies in Humanizing Digital Experiences for our Global Businesses and helping them go from x to 10x with a focus on long-term Engagement & Conversions.  

Interview Process

I applied at F1studioz for the position of frontend developer intern through referral via LinkedIn.

Task 1

Assignment Round

After 4-5 days, I received a call from HR regarding the assignment task. The task is to develop the web application according to the given design. They gave a flexible deadline for the submission.

Result: I got selected for further interview rounds.

Post the Assignment round there were two more interview rounds :

Technical round

General Round

Round 1:

Technical Interview Round

The technical round was taken by f1’s tech lead. He asked questions regarding the projects mentioned in my resume, like explaining the projects, the tech stacks I used to create my personal projects, etc.

Next, there were questions from HTML, CSS, and javascript mainly. The questions ranged from event loops, the difference between var, let and const, display properties, media queries, etc., and so on.

The round went well. The interviewer was helpful.
Result: Selected

Round 2:

General Interview Round

This was an HR plus general interview round taken by one of the Engineering Managers. She asked questions regarding the company like how much I knew about f1studioz, how I knew about it, and why I wanted to join the organization.

Next, we spoke about Me 🙂

This included my past experiences, commitments, hobbies, etc.
In the end, the ball was in my court and I could ask any question that I wanted to, I took this opportunity to learn more about the type of products and projects the company was involved with and about the company’s work. This round felt conversation-friendly.

After that, I got a call from HR with the good news that I got selected for the role. I joined the company around December 2022. The interview experience was great and helpful to me.

Preparatory Resources

Here I am listing down some of the online resources I used for my Interview preparations.

My Internship experience till now:

Personally, the Interview experience has been productive and exceptional. Everyday meetings make my day effective, and my Mentors are very supportive.

Other things I like here are the flexible work culture, my colleagues’ support, and many other things.

I have the opportunity to learn new things every day along with working on exciting projects. Work and fun go hand-in-hand here. Fun events are organized for the interns and all the employees every week. Every Monday we have a ‘Monda’ meeting which is a knowledge-sharing session amongst peers and is very informative and fun. Monda has been a great learning platform for me to learn about design in a very interesting way.

I hope to have a good experience here and grow with the team!

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