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How expensive is your Expense tracking?

In this era of Mars exploration and Drone Taxis, are your executives still wasting their precious time on tracking and filing expenses instead of thinking about your the strategic growth of the organization?

Well, expense tracking is the thing that no-one wants to do but can’t do without.

In this, Mileage is one thing which is a bit difficult to keep to track of, but if entitled with proper tool is much easier, f1studioz got the opportunity to re-imagine this entire journey. We understood the pain points of sales & marketing executives who are chasing their numbers on the go.

Typical Characteristics of Sales Reps

  • Always on the move
  • Spending money for travel (personal vehicle), food ( with / without customers ), travel ( for meeting customers in the city outside the city )
  • Might lose the receipts often (due to travel)
  • Lots of cash expenses (Food / local transport)
  • Often don’t add small expenses as the entry is manual.

What is the user trying to achieve?

  • Keep track of all the expenses occurred during sales process with ease
  • Keep record of all the bills
  • Not leave money on the table
  • Know what amount is pending from the company
  • Add details of per diem’s / travel cards / cash advances taken from the company for any travel related expense
  • To reconcile at the time of submitting the report
  • Generate trip wise reports
  • Generate monthly reports
  • Send reminders / notifications if the rep has forgotten to add an expense
  • Add a transaction to an existing report
  • Open the calendar within the app (web & mobile)

Should be able to connect the dots and make it easy for the sales rep to forget about expenses. Proposed experience helps them to track back their sales visits either on the run or even later. No brainer!

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