How we reduced the workflow of Westjet’s customer care application by 68%

Problem Statement

Customer care is the most important touch point of any brand. We want to empower our agents to make decisions fast and be proactive instead of reactive. Leverage Seibel Open UI framework to the best.

Improve agents’ productivity by reducing their time to close customer tickets.

Existing Westjet Customer Care Application

Day to day work flow

We understood during our research while talking to stakeholders that agents key goal is to close as many tickets as possible. They use multiple devices like desktop, telephone with headsets and at times physical notes like post-it. Hence our goal was to reduce the cognitive load of the agent by providing only the most important information at any given time.

Agents are not very organised and not good at multi tasking.

Customer Representative Workflow

Design Challenge

Reduce work flow by 68%

  • One click information
  • Reduce Discoverability & Ambiguity
  • Contextual and progressive information.
Landing Experience
Customer 360 degree view

Table of Contents

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