The paradox of Hyper Individualism

Descartes’s individualism theory blew my mind literally. When I first comprehended this, I couldn’t stop myself from digging deeper into it. It is a relief to know that one can actually detach from their own personal concerns and preconceived notions. So now one can make space for new angles of thought for the same situation. This state of clarity in mind is known as transparency of mind.

I like this part that, clearly one gets to see through the things and make multiple possibilities. But still Hyper- individualism is the concept where the individual is bound to their own thoughts and practices. Basically here the individual is free from the traditional practices, dogma which is a good point. But this does not make anybody more adaptable. Basically, they are indulged in their own prejudices.

And it is a general practice that if you work in a design agency you have to be more inclined towards collectivism. So that you would be able to blend in everybody’s thoughts, ideas, opinions into one single output. A few don’t agree with this notion though. There is nothing like collectivism, a group of people just adjust and agree to what is told by others. This holds true where both dominant and submissive exist in the same group.

Designers by nature have Individualism in their ideas, thoughts. And trust me without that attribute there is no creative idea coming to you. Mind’s very own nature is thinking. This thinking again has two sub-concepts in it:

  1. Simple: This means you are thinking. In other words, you are being thoughtful and individualistic.
  2. Complex: Here you start doubting and judging the concepts you have in mind. Which makes you Hyper Individualistic

Thus maybe molding one’s mind to Simple thinking makes you balance both collectivism and Hyper Individualism. Two concepts are not perfect in the modern world. But there are few valuable points that can be taken from each.

Say you being hyper-individualistic put forward your judgment in the group and at the same time being Open-Minded individual listen to other possibilities as well 😉

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