Our new Mumbai Office!!

Hey Mumbai, here we are with a swanky new office!! f1Studioz, an Enterprise UX Leader with customers like The Home Depot, Carnegie Mellon University, Westjet, Commercial Bank of Dubai, ICICI Bank, etc. is expanding to a new office in Mumbai.

The journey of the f1Studioz office, that started with two friends and a coworking desk at CIE @ IIIT in Hyderabad, which gradually expanded to the garden city and silicon valley of India, Bengaluru. Now it is the Financial capital’s turn — Mumbai. The place of josh now adds more fun to our business.

A heady mix of crowded roads, busy people, sky-high ambitions, Bollywood mania, buzzing seafront, upscale eateries, tucked-away villages, cosmopolitan vibe and so much more. And surely it’s not an easy task to form a designers team in Mumbai.

Expansion is not a single day’s task. It is a constant process. We initially kicked off Mumbai’s journey in a 2bhk apartment in August 2018. Joining the race of UX in Mumbai is tougher than anybody guesses! With a stronger knowledge base, f1 Mumbai started taking great shape. In a span of 14 months, we brought in more and more projects with the biggest brands.

A team of 5 designers kept delivering world-class work under the leadership of Vikram, which resulted in more project flow for the team. And to say we never compromised on our work culture which is as fun as it should be.

Hurray! And this happened to bring in more employees and thus demanded a bigger workspace.

Finding a nest in Mumbai

Mumbai is a city of extremes. Getting rented office space in Mumbai is one of the tedious tasks, as choices are subjective and can possibly range from the poshest, most expensive office to the very humble ones.

This ‘choice paradox’ made it difficult for f1studioz looking to rent an office in determining the one that is not merely fit-for-purpose but can also act as a strategic business tool. One site was finalized after days of efforts and visiting dozens. We visited the site, in an upscale Business Tech Park where it was a bare shell — there was no furniture, no paint color, and not even floor tiles. But it did put a smile on our faces, as we got an empty canvas for ourselves and we could arrange it in the way we wanted it to be.


To be honest, offices are like homes, people spend a good portion of their working lives in them. And the offices should reflect the personality of the company. We decided not to call the interior designer and got our brains together to create an awesome design for the new office.

The real problem lied in it was, how on earth do we create a working space that will keep all of us engaged and drive more passion for what we do? It should encourage collaboration, boost creativity while making the company’s growth easier.

Imagining inches in pixels

Visit us for coffee and conversations sometimes. Business is sometimes a byproduct of great minds coming together.

P.S: Do you have a relocation journey? If yes, was it fun?

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