Thriving in Quarantine — How we’re doing it at f1Studioz

Social Distancing

At a time of global crisis, we here at f1studioz hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and well. These unusual times say a lot about how strong we are from inside.

Impressed by the thoughtful actions we’re seeing in this trying business environment, with all the firms ranging from startups to top MNC’s making strategies enough to survive during this deadly Pandemic. Kudos to you!

We are all being forced into Working from home and it hasn’t been easy in terms of coordinating, cooperating, delivering collaborative efforts.

Given these tough times, noting down how f1atics (fanatics) are making the best out of this worldly experiment. Have a sneak peek:

  1. Effective Communication: Firstly we made sure we are always available on Basecamp and Whatsapp no matter what. Thus we successfully broke the barrier of ineffective communication. We kept Campfire busy by sharing links (subject-related) and by middle-of-the-road conversations. Never had we spammed our WhatsApp group either with unnecessary scary messages running through the media.

Thus we kept our morale high and powerful erasing negative content.


2. Heads Up-Scrum is on: We made sure no one skips Scrum just to keep ourselves in a track. When we work from home individually there are more chances of going off track as a team. Personally, people might get more productive. But when working as a team, making sure that all of us are on the same page yields fruitful results.

Daily Scrum

Seeing your team every day and listening to their updates regularly keeps one on the same wavelength.

3. Never compromise on the fun: We make the best use of Zoom not only for Team Meetings and Client Calls but also for fun activities. This includes Virtual Coffee breaks and Virtual Employee Games. It is just the same as in-person except for Social Distancing.

Virtual Team Games

You can also see the chat window. Just to avoid overlapping of answers 😉

We all make sure that we contribute as much as possible in all the events taking place no matter what. And also we never compromise on any regular things including team-wide meetings such as design presentations, One-on-ones, etc.,

Also, these are the things which make employees more productive during work hours:

1. Regular breaks

2. Dedicated WorkSpace

3. Getting Dressed (at least try not to be in your pajamas)

These small things keep the team motivated. If it hadn’t been a lockdown going out for a small walk would keep the fun on. But now as the situation is not great its better to keep things inside the home.

How are you keeping your Remote work environment lively?

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