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Covid-19 has impacted global business already. Do not know what is on its plate for the Indian B2B segment! Besides, doing our duty of Self-isolating ourselves, we f1atics are not letting social distancing affect our work by making the most out of digital.

Being a marketer in a design agency I’m quite curious about the know-how of this situation from a marketing standpoint. Somehow in this period marketing needs a different approach. Don’t you think? As Marketers are working their buns off, better engagement, the better conversion is always possible with better UX on the websites.

Coming to Website UX, Gamification has a better role in this. Simply by using elements that could increase the Dwell time of the visitor on the website. And the website looks as beautiful as the engaging time of the visitor increases, to Google’s Algorithm eyes. Simply showing that Google has satisfied the search of the user. After this one’s website is moved to the top in the Search Engine Rankings Page(SERP).

Google Search

Did you see that f1studioz is the first featured snippet by Google for the above google search? This tells us that Google thinks this is the best answer for such a query on its search engine.

Currently, Gamification is transforming business models by creating new ways to extend relationships. And also crafts occurring over engagement motivate website users and employee loyalty. Recent research on Big data and Motivation collaboratively says that “gamification” aids businesses in creating true loyalty. Before going any further…

What is Gamification:

Gamification is nothing but making any existing website, an enterprise application seems more dazzling and engaging by adding gaming elements to it. Adding gaming elements to non-gaming contexts records more loyalty, engagement, and association from the visitors. This surely is a marketing asset because it leverages the motivations and desires that exist in all of us for community, feedback, achievement, and reward.

Now, are you agreeing with the concept of investing in better UX?! Which turns out to yield better results by better marketing.

Basically, audience focus can be attracted in two forms. One is through Structural Gamification, where Dashboard Designs showing learning goals, progress.

Dashboard Design is a happening Gamification Element right now. Have a sneak peek at our recent work on a Dashboard.

Next, is Content Gamification where the Gaming Techniques are directly applied to the Website’s Content. This is the best approach when one’s website doesn’t have anything to be tracked. We did our best to follow this approach on our website too 🙂

Simplicity, Agility, and Empathy

These are our Branding icons which are on our website. A part of content Gamification.

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