Traits of a Good Designer

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So, who is a Designer?

Simply put, a designer is someone who brings life to the dreams and ideas of their customers/stakeholders. A great designer brings ease of use to the user, providing a delightful experience.

In order to bring smart outcomes, every design team goes through the following process:

Research, Empathize, Create, Test, and Develop.

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Following this process properly a designer earns a tag called “Good Designer”. Subtle & Simple..right?

But the process is neither easy nor short. It involves a series of iterations for the end product to be flawless. For this to be accomplished any designer has to possess a few traits which are innate in her/him or they need to develop them.

Today, I will walk you through the different traits any good designer should and must possess.

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A designer’s personality is like a two-sided coin. One is what the designer is perceived as and the other is how they are actually from inside. Let me exemplify these traits for you, so you will have an understanding of how difficult it could be to be a full-fledged designer.

A. Perceived Qualities:

Designers are known for being understandable, dependable, liable. Trust of the customers is built by presenting these qualities at first.

1. Understandable: In order to be understandable, designers have to do the following:

  • Do their homework
  • Ask the right questions
  • Explore and be informed

This helps in building confidence & trust in the customers.

2. Articulate: While articulating a designer tends to do the following:

  • Support the customer’s thinking process
  • Sell their concepts
  • And, design articulation

This way the customer can comprehend the expertise of the Designer.

3. Execute: Later in the execution step, designers tend to

  • Be Transparent
  • Effectively communicate
  • Maintain quality control

These qualities make Designers dependable.

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B. Hidden Traits: But what are their hidden qualities and their behavior with respect to customers and teammates?

Customers need to be listened to, only then the needs and requirements they have get materialized in the final outcome.

1. A Great Listener: It is said that there are two ears to listen more and one mouth to talk less. When a person listens to you, it non-verbally shows that the person respects you and acknowledges your thoughts.

Good Designers are great listeners, as they

  • Acknowledge everyone’s ideas
  • Sell customer’s ideas with as much passion as their own
  • Display a range of ideas

Being a great listener is the first step to become an Expert.

2. Diplomatic: Any Good designer knows how to play their cards well. They can:

  • Identify key decision makers
  • Speak their Language
  • Empathize their problem
  • Build a fan base out of their customers

They know how to make peace at any place.

3. Flexible: Designers are flexible in nature as:

  • They always have a Plan B
  • They share success with all. Success is always the team’s, but the failure is our own.

This very trait keeps them open for new ideas.

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When dealing with the teammates the following are the hidden traits of a designer:

1. Team Player: Being a team player, a designer meets the team’s expectations.

  • Building a good design culture within the team.
  • They help and groom the team members
  • They are a knowledge hub

With these qualities, the designer becomes the go-to person in the time of need.

2. Taskmaster: Being a taskmaster, a designer has to meet the company’s and the customer’s expectations.

  • Designers make everyone in the team accountable
  • They bring Process to execute the Plan seamlessly
  • They are good at resource management.

With these traits, the designer becomes the Gatekeeper of Quality.

3.Leader: A design leader meets both the team’s requirements and the company’s requirements.

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They also:

  • Challenge their own team members
  • Raise the bar
  • Make their team members accountable and autonomous

Design leaders are known for their empathy.

It’s not just one but many traits, which together make a good designer. These secret mantras would make the designer a complete professional. So look around, maybe a great designer is just around you.

P.S: Also, please feel free to comment below on what other traits make a Great Designer.

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