Acceleration of Digital Transformations due to Covid-19

Since January 2020, almost all the countries have been badly hit with the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting the business world and companies have no choice but to review their strategies to overcome the crisis. Since then all the companies have been busy leading Digital Transformation.

So what is this Digital Transformation?!

“Digital Transformation is the use of new, fast and frequently changing digital technology to solve problems. It reduces reliance on user-owned hardware and increases reliance on subscription-based cloud services. It transcends traditional roles like sales, marketing, and customer service. Instead, the digital transformation begins and ends with how you think about, and engage with, customers.” -Wikipedia

Digital transformation has affected many industries at varying levels.

Digitization in manufacturing has brought ample changes in productivity by speeding the process of Design and Development using tools like AR and 3D printing. It has also brought changes in Quality by installing high definition sensors monitors to monitor the production parameters. Due to digitization, the products have become remarkably customized and are offering customers attractive options.

Digitalization in Healthcare during this pandemic has surely taken a new shift. Doctors treating the patients with primary health problems through video calling has a markable effect on the Healthcare Industry. If the problem is advanced Telecare is the live example, implemented in the US to treat the patients at their accommodations with full-fledged machinery.

The Education Industry is not an exemption. The education industry has been expanding its horizons of teaching and learning through the digital medium since COVID hit us hard. This industry has recorded a milestone due to the COVID pandemic. Students of all age groups are attending the online classes conducted by the institutions. Online education platforms are offering free certifications to students as part of CSR which could boost their branding.

Why not Software businesses? In fact, all the B2B somewhat were inclined towards digitization prior to COVID- 19. Given the situation, all the firms are committed to complete digital transformation.

This popular meme which says that digital transformation is made possible by COVID-19 is not a joke but the new reality of digital transformation. This current situation is significantly influencing the way software companies run their business and manage their people. Business continuity today seems impossible without the right technology in place.

Microsoft has seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in just two months of its third quarter, according to CEO Satya Nadella

Look what’s helping us f1Studioz and in that matter all the B2B firms.

Trends evolving due to COVID!!

It isn’t that easy to be virtually working without the right set of collaboration tools. Choosing the right set of tools would not interrupt the workflow of teammates and partners. This choice in fact makes a huge difference while working remotely. Tools such as zoom, now gradually shifting to Google meet, Figma, Slack, etc aid our communication process very well. Tools like Zoom, Basecamp, Slack are a few go-to tools during this period. Companies are now more comfortable with using and keeping everything virtual. Attending client meetings, coordinating with teammates, and engagement programs have become the new normal.

Despite security backlash, Zoom conversions raised to 300 M

Ordering food and making digital payments has been in action over a decade now. But during COVID many retail stores have said there are a major rush and spike of orders through digital platforms by individuals.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, millions of employees are working remotely. Remote working has been a recent trend and is helping employees in being more efficient with minimal distractions. This has also helped in gaining more time-bound project deliveries as the commute time and general socializing sessions have come down. Employees could also strike a manageable balance between professional and personal life. They have access to more health benefits too.

Role of UX Design in Digital Transformation:

Digitization has helped Design agencies by a lot. UX designers have a lot to play in times like these.

This is the time where designers have to further unleash their cognitive ability as the world needs new solutions during the Digitization shift.

In fact, at f1Studioz digital transformation has saved us many hours and is keeping us f1tics more productive.

Video Source

“McKinsey’s approach is helping organizations build and nurture new businesses that combine the best attributes of big companies and startups,” says its Senior Partner, Ari Libarkian.

These lockdown days have opened new channels of connecting with the audience. One of the most popular mediums has been the webinars. We have made our Product Talks virtual: see how our CEO Santosh interviews Harish Vaidyanathan, Product Head of Vymo.

And we have also kicked off with Design Talks, Friday Funda hosted by our Chief Designer Dhayan Kumar. Zoom Webinars is a quick go-to tool for this process. Prior Pandemic, more than half of the Business world was either digitally transformed or was working on it. Now it has become the need of the hour. Compared to Manufacturing / Physical Product companies, the B2B SaaS has a little more advantage of gaining digital transformation.

Despite using Figma earlier, as a design firm we are more inclined towards and dependent on it given the conditions. Our Slack and Basecamp communication has increased by tenfold post COVID.

And for Designers, “behavioral and habitual change is extremely difficult to influence in individuals,” could now possibly turn into a myth. Each individual during lockdown has adapted themselves to washing hands, using social media to get together with people. Firms are evolving and thus are coming up with new strategies like virtual coffee, activities, etc.,

All the industries need to adjust to this new norm rather than waiting for the older ones to be bak. Change is constant and designers play a huge role in the safety of sensitive information of the individuals too.

“COVID-19 — A Call for Digital Transformation”

This pandemic has surely taken many lives out, many dreams might be shattered but this holds to be a temporary reality. But on a brighter side, all the ways of making the digital transformation has become possible due to this. Surely Covid-19 has proved to be a blessing in disguise at least for the Digital Transformation…

Let us know in the comments how has Covid-19 impacted your Digital Transformation journey and reach out to us for a consultation on the Product UX Design part of your Digital Transformation!

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