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Art is just another form of explaining abstract intentions through the art form. Art wall gives a sense of finishing to any room. And this brings professionalism , yet fun — a culture that many companies aspire for. Any design agency these days would want to have a selfie wall as there are many aspects of design to be brought into.

It has various hats a designer has to wear in one’s journey. Selfie wall could just be another great place where you will understand the different avatars of the designer. Check out the Role Play wall at our Hyderabad office!

{The Explorer & the Juggler}

It’s just in one’s mind’s eye when photos were taken only on important occasions. Now, snaps became a regular chore. We are in a world where making memories has become the need of the hour. To everybody’s attention the word selfies is a buzzword. Adding to this the concept of selfie walls is around us for quite some time. This selfie wall concept has turned out to be important for a business with the individual attention it got in the recent times.

{The Sales Guru}

As we run in a world where we are connected constantly, it is a common thirst to post something and be recognized. People take to social media, maybe because of this very need and the growing network on various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

{A Controller}

Selfie has evolved to selfie walls and to setting up selfie studios with the work space for better selfie clicks. Other than just setting up the booths, various parameters are to be considered when having a selfie wall. Check this article out for a better understanding.

But why an Avatar wall in a work space?!

{A Peacemaker}

One thing is that this kind of renovation keeps the work surroundings more happening and exciting. Businesses can describe their brand mantra through this. See what this image says, “they know how to handle chaos as a peacemaker and controller.”

It’s a simple gesture of one’s welcoming nature. When someone asks you to have a selfie with the designed wall behind quickly gives them a sense of importance from your business.

{Guiding lost souls}

And simply put it acts as a standout in a crowd strategic action. Visitors who take selfies with the wall then upload them around the social media platforms makes the firm look more appealing. Selfie walls could be more meaningful with strong intention attached to it. The image depicts guiding lost souls by making sure everybody reaches their destination safely.

This suits almost all the businesses but goes hand in hand for a design industry. Why don’t you give a reason for your visitors, to praise the design on your selfie wall. Put the art on the wall and ask the visitor about what could be the intention behind it! Believe me! It would be fun. In a design industry every angle of the construction is considered big!

{Homo sapiens Mode}

Designers go to any extent in explaining their clients in the language they understand.

{Art of handling pressure at ease}
{Wahoo! We attain Nirvana}
{Explorer mode on}

In their own fantasy world to get inspired which helps them in concept generation!


In the meanwhile, why don’t you guess the intentions behind the artist/ designer in these images?! Open to different perceptions..

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