f1Studioz acquires ITJ

Excited to share a great announcement as we complete 9 years of our journey as f1Studioz.

Along with my cofounder Dhayan and the whole f1Studioz team, I am excited to welcome IT Junkies (ITJ) team to f1Studioz. IT Junkies is a mobile and web application development firm, founded in 2016. This will further our mission of:

“Helping Enterprises create Delightful Product Experiences”

How the journey started:

I met Ankit Goyal, founder of IT Junkies couple of years back in
Bangalore to discuss synergies to partner.

I was majorly impressed by the entrepreneur hustle, the great positive attitude of Ankit, and seeing some of their work validated the fact that they were a great Engineering team. A couple of projects later, we understood the complementary skills ITJ brought to f1Studioz and decided to convert the partnership to a more meaningful and deeper relationship.

It was clear that we appreciated each other’s way of working and shared the same passion for taking the Design forward.

What it means for us:

F1Studioz is focused on Enterprise UX and IT Junkies has been into Design-driven Application development.

F1Studioz already helps their clients with Frontend Web Development along with UX — UI, using the latest JS frameworks like Angular, React, Vue, etc. With ITJ’s expertise on our side, we can further this cause and help in the Mobile App Development too.

The other big value that ITJ brings to the table is in MVP Creation or New Idea prototyping for Enterprises, which will enable F1Studioz to enhance the First Use Experience, User Engagement, and Retention in Enterprise Apps.

What it means for IT Junkies:

IT Junkies believes that great apps are not about features and functionality, it’s about the People. Their sheer desire to improve life has helped them take a people-led, not technology-led, approach to app development.

Developing bespoke apps that achieve real, tangible results for Startups and Established Businesses has been their motto which falls parallel to f1studioz mission of delivering seamless experiences to Enterprise customers.

Meet the new leaders:

Ankit Goyal, CEO & Founder at IT Junkies is the Boss Man, Car Enthusiast, Serial Optimist, and also an Epic Problem Solver. We are happy to welcome him as Head, Technology at f1.

Shalu Saraswat, Chief Technology Officer at IT Junkies is Left-brained. She loves Dhoni, is a hardcore geek, and is also an avid reader. She’ll be an amazing Engineering leader at f1.

We welcome Junkies to be f1atics!!

Here’s to the start of a new era in Enterprise UX and Digital Transformation…

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