f1Studioz acquires Tinkerform

Together, Better — f1Studioz and Tinkerform

I am excited to welcome Tinkerform team to f1Studioz.

Tinkerform is a boutique design firm based in Bangalore, India. Their capabilities of Research-led Design and Game Design principles shall help us in our mission of

“Helping Enterprises create Delightful Product Experiences”

How the journey started:

I had attended a meet up organized by Jasmeet (CEO, Tinkerform) and his team, at one of the forums last year — on 2nd May 2019 in Bangalore. I was impressed by the passion I could sense in the team for their work and the customer case study that they shared.

Over time, we remained connected and we started discussing partnering for projects together. Tinkerform saw the value F1Studioz was bringing to the Enterprise world with predictable and repeatable successes attributed to UX.

It was clear that we appreciated each other’s way of working and shared the same passion for taking the Design forward.

What it means for us:

F1Studioz is focussed on Enterprise UX and Tinkerform has been heavy on Research. With Tinkerform’s expertise on our side, we are now even more prepared to help businesses with Primary Research too along with Secondary Research. We would also love to share Tinkerform’s Meta-Design thought process with the world.

The other big value that Tinkerform brings to the table is in Game Design Principles that will enable F1Studioz to increase the User Engagement and Retention in Enterprise Apps.

Why Now?

We had started the talks of getting together long before COVID-19.

We have also seen first-hand what Satya Nadella said when he mentioned, “two years’ worth of digital transformation in just two months”.

There has been a constant flow of business to F1Studioz, due to the impetus on Digital Transformation by COVID-19.

Better Together

Tinkerform team would join f1Studioz from today and together we would be able to serve our mutual customers, much better.

We welcome Tinkerers to be f1atics!!

Here’s to the start of a new era in Enterprise UX…

f1Studioz acquires Tinkerform (CEO Statement)

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