Value Proposition of Indian UX Agencies for US Businesses 

10 Reasons Why US Businesses Should Hire a UI/UX Agency from India 

The contemporary digital world with its cut-throat competitiveness has truly made it a task of paramount importance for websites to ensure that they deliver their best with regards to User Experiences.  

Now, good UX can be delivered, but UX is also one of those sectors where quality unequivocally truly trumps quantity. Juggling multiple projects and staying ahead of evolving design trends can be quite the challenge for many UI/UX teams, and this is exactly where outsourcing comes into play. Outsourcing provides the perfect solution for busy UX teams and American businesses that could benefit from quality work at affordable rates. 

American businesses, given their ever-broadening business nature, stand to gain a lot by hiring Indian agencies for their UI/UX Work. Tapping into a global pool of talent instead of just a limited, domestic pool is bound to bring in oodles of fresher ideas and smart ways to implement the same.  

Beyond reducing expenses and offering you access to the best talent on a global basis, outsourcing UI/UX Services to an Indian firm also offers multiple other benefits. It offers your business the benefit of round-the-clock productivity and a more efficient system in general, along with leveraging the latest technology without costing your business much. All these factors combine to offer a truly win-win scenario where all parties involved in the equation are successful in their end goals. 

This blog will delve into 10 compelling reasons why American businesses truly must consider hiring a UI/UX Agency from India. 


India has a much lower cost of living as compared to the USA, and this can work out to be an advantage for American Businesses. A lower cost of living translates to lower wages on average, which helps Indian UI/UX firms offer top-notch services to American businesses at a fraction of the expense countered by their American UI/UX  Service counterparts. Thus, US businesses can significantly reduce their expenses while still getting top-notch design work simply by outsourcing UI/UX services to India. 

Productivity Advantage

India and the US have a significant difference in terms of operation of time zones. Indian workdays usually begin where US workdays end, thus enabling round-the-clock productivity from the American perspective. This results in faster project turnaround times, and a real-time communication system, where the US team could provide their feedback by the end of their workday and the Indian team can start their workday with the same. 

Access to High-Quality Professionals

Many UI/UX agencies in India have an established track record of delivering successful projects for clients around the world. American businesses can leverage this experience and reputation by partnering with an Indian agency. They can review the agency’s portfolio, case studies, and client testimonials to assess the quality of their work and their ability to meet project objectives, without having to pay an exorbitant fee for the same. 

Diverse perspectives

The US is famous for being a melting pot of cultures, and so is India! Being a culturally diverse country that is known for its rich heritage and its Unity in Diversity, Indian UI/UX firms can offer a perspective as diverse as the ones offered by their American counterparts. Furthermore, many Indian designers also have experience working with global clients, which helps them better understand client requirements from across the globe and therefore ensure top-tier design expertise from within India. 


Outsourcing-oriented Indian UI/UX firms have plenty of talent at their disposal, which can be used to the client’s benefit. Small teams can be arranged for short-term projects and large teams can be arranged for longer-term projects, or however the client desires without having to go through the hassle of having to scout for new talent, thus offering the advantages of flexibility and scalability to American businesses. 

Time and Resource Savings

Outsourcing UI/UX work to an Indian agency would help American businesses save on human resources and efforts, as the external agency would be the ones focusing on design work. The American team would be able to focus more on their core business activities while also saving on the expenses of recruiting, training, and maintaining an in-house design team. 

Access to the best of talent

India being a highly competitive nation ensures that it is truly the best in business who make it to the top. This ensures that American businesses get access to the best of India’s UI/UX designers when hiring an Indian UI/UX firm. 

Language Compatibility

Language barriers wouldn’t be an issue when hiring a UI/UX firm from India as most Indians are extremely proficient in English from as early as their school years. This would ensure the elimination of any and all communication barriers that may arise between the clients and the agency. Did we mention that Indians on average are trilingual? 

Technological Expertise

India’s thriving IT industry is home to some of the world’s best professionals in tech, and this translates to UI/UX design as well. Being part of a competitive market ensures that Indian UI/UX agencies are up to date on the latest trends, design tools, and industry practices, thus ensuring that their clients, be it domestic or international, get access to designs that are class-leading, aligning to industry standards and also innovative. 

Global Exposure

Collaborating with an Indian UI/UX agency would also be beneficial to American businesses as it would help them gain insights into valuable business practices on an International level, while also being able to access amazing designs crafted as per their demand on a timely basis. This would ultimately benefit both parties on a large scale. 


Your business effectively gains access to a wealth of expertise from specialized agencies at a fraction of the expense, and the risk you take pays for it over in multiples as it brings you skilled professionals from various cultures with wider perspectives and top-notch skills to work on a seamless and truly exceptional set of User Experiences for your target audience! 

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