Understanding Web Development

Tips and Tricks to Improve your UI Development Game!

Perfection is never achieved in a single day; it may take days to create a single piece of code, or it might take years to become a pixel-perfect coder.

One of the major challenges faced by the designers is that they should know the technical requirements for a design as most of the UI development relies on their designs.

We all want to achieve Pixel Perfection every time we develop something, either from scratch or the middle. Being a designer since the beginning of my career, I have come a long way by enhancing my skills into development and have learned some amazing new essentials which led me to become a Developer. From modifying someone else’s code to creating my own work, the journey has been extremely fruitful filled with abundant learnings, like creating a perfect piece of code with no errors by spending hours and hours on the internet by googling the small thing again and again and understanding them. Along with this working with experienced designers has also led me to create something as unique as their design ultimately enhancing my way of coding.

In this blog, I will be sharing tips from my experience and learning from my career as a UI Engineer.

Consistency is the Key

While designing or Coding!

Consistency is the foundation on which any project’s successful design or development is based. Not just UI designers, but even for developers being consistent is very important; not only during the project duration but practicing consistency in your daily lives will polish your skills as a developer by multi-folds.

Both the Design and Development teams should make sure to maintain proper alignment, colors, spacing, sizing wherever they are using it, either for grids, fonts, or boxes; everything should be consistent throughout the design and development process.

Consistency can be created globally by the designers that will work as rules, which can later be applied throughout the design process and further help in streamlining the development process.

Reusability of Components

Components that can be reused throughout the project should be reused!

Components are reusable sections that can be used more than once.

Re-Usability of components helps designers and coders save more time while keeping the same thing on different pages. This helps in increasing work efficiency for both the designers and developers. Components help in maintaining consistency across the project and easily maintain the products — any issue with an element found in one product can be fixed automatically for all the products.

Focus on the Interface

The interface of the product is the key for the users to understand the platform

Being a user as well, I can suggest a straightforward fact that a simpler interface is better than a complicated one. Simple Interface will help the users to learn about our product and understand what they are searching for in one go. If we know our users, we can understand what the user needs from our website. We can’t stop knowing what our user wants; we have to dig deep and ask them more profound questions. We can keep a documentary for our first-time users, which helps them learn the interface with a tour on the website.

Interface means to increase the efficiency of user’s interaction with the website or app and will also help to meet the exact needs of the customer.”

Web development is a wholesome process. Over the due course of time, perseverance and hard work ultimately pay off. The materials are readily available online, and it’s pretty understood from our side to induce the knowledge obtained and put it to the test for a better workflow.

Products are the alter ego of customers and connect with the user preference, and interactivity enhances the designer’s thought process and interpersonal skills. The constant hustle between creating a standout design with new demands and trends of the industry keeps the process going.

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