The Big News — ITJ acquired by f1Studioz


I am really excited to share that IT Junkies is now a part of f1Studioz.

IT Junkies, now a part of f1studioz!

About f1Studioz

f1Studioz is an Enterprise UX Design Agency that has really made an impact in the past years working with some of the really great clients like Boat, Kotak, ICICI, Commercial Bank of Dubai, Qatar Airways, Capillary, MedPlus, etc.

About IT Junkies

IT Junkies is a Bangalore-based Mobile and Web Development Agency started back in October 2016. We work on Pixel Perfect Website Development, Native App Development, and Web App Development and help Startups and Businesses launch their new ideas to the market as the Minimum Viable Product.

We at IT Junkies have always followed a Design Orientated approach while working with Startups, Enterprises, and Businesses since our inception. We loved Design and following the process in order to get the best outcomes for our efforts in the Tech Industry.

The Beginnings — How did it all start?

I and Santosh first met in Feb 2019, and have been connected since then to work together as a Design-Development collaboration.

Santosh has been a good friend and a mentor to me, since day 1. I have learned so much from him with every interaction we’ve had and still have a long way to go. Be it Business Development, Management, Team building, process improvement, etc. our conversations have been endless.

We were already working with f1Studioz on multiple projects as their Tech Partner since 2019 which ultimately helped me and Santosh realize that we were actually a great fit for both of us.

Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.— Mattie Stepanek

And with f1Studioz we are really glad to make an impact by being their Engineering/Tech Arm. We are ready together to make a bigger impact on the high demanding Digital Enterprise Industry.

What does it mean for us?

IT Junkies as a team always were high on coding and product development and f1Studioz is a leader in Enterprise UX/UI Design. And that brings us the excitement of working passionately together to deliver better end-to-end Product Development services for Enterprises as well as Businesses.

Together we will be stronger and more connected in order to deliver a seamless and pixel-perfect solution for the Brands and Enterprises Digitally.

In the coming days, it will really be great for IT Junkies to work more closely with Santosh and f1Studioz Team in making bigger impacts together in the Digital industry.

Looking forward to creating a great story ahead with Santosh and f1Studioz.

“Junkies” are really happy and excited to be “f1atics” now.

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